June 30: Steps to Recover from Disappointment

Psychiatrist and Today Show contributor, Dr. Gail Saltz, tells her Woman’s Day audience it’s normal to feel distressed when you don’t get what you expected.  She offers three steps guaranteed to help you bounce back.▪ Allow yourself some time to be sad, disappointed and/or angry. “Whether it’s not having the job you envisioned, a relationship breaking up, or an unsupportive parent—it’s truly a loss, and you’ll experience all the emotions associated with it.”▪ Rewrite negative thoughts, wh … [Read more...]

June 29: Laughing and Loving for 75 Years

The first time Van Harris saw Shirley, she was just 10-years-old and punching a bunch of boys who had taken her hat off her head.“I said, ‘Geez, I’d like to meet a girl like that,’” Van recalls.Well, they did meet—and eventually married. The two even worked together as comedians in the Catskills in New York.Talking on a radio program about the colorful characters they met in their Brooklyn neighborhood, the duo found much to smile and laugh about.  “It turned out that all our children … [Read more...]

June 28: The Parent of All Virtues

Catholic News Service columnist Therese J. Borchard cites Cicero as stating that, of all of life’s virtues, gratitude is “not only the greatest…but the parent of all the others.”As diligently as gardeners tend to the plants that sprout in their backyards, so should we work to sow the seeds of gratitude implanted within our souls.  Borchard suggests several surefire ways to cultivate gratitude:▪ Change your language. Words of thankfulness are the best antidotes to fear and resentment … [Read more...]

June 27: What’s Your Mission – Statement?

“To Spec, On Time.”  That’s the mission statement of a technology company, and it says that every product is completed to a client’s specifications and delivered on time.Jim Nichols, vice president of a full-service communications firm, feels that when it comes to writing mission statements, organizations should take their cue from the military.  “There is no possible way that every minute detail can be communicated to every soldier on the battlefield,” Nichols explains.  Instead, the command … [Read more...]

June 26: Managing Life’s Challenges

Red Sox baseball great Curt Schilling strives to be a devoted husband and father. That might even be more challenging than being an excellent pitcher.Schilling, who’s never been a public figure newsworthy for poor behavior, was asked whether faith plays a role in guiding him. He replied, “No, it doesn’t play a role—it’s everything.”Curt and Shonda Schilling, together for more than 19 years, wrote a book entitled The Best Kind of Different describing their personal journey as parents learn … [Read more...]

June 25: A Shoebox for Books

“This is the bookstore of my childhood,” says author Ann Patchett of the shop she co-owns in Nashville, Tennessee.She feels its size—a “shoebox” compared to the larger booksellers—is more like the way bookstores used to be. “People are really coming all the way back around and saying, ‘I want and miss the little store,’” Patchett believes.As for the financial investment, the writer sees the venture as a “gift” to her city, a spot that sees itself as the Athens of the South, complete with … [Read more...]

June 24: A Teen’s Compassionate X-Factor

When Rachel Crow was born a “crack baby” due to prenatal cocaine exposure, few would have imagined she might become a 13-year-old singing sensation on TV’s The X-Factor.“She actually lived in a crack house and suffered a lot of abuse,” Rachel’s adoptive mother, Barbara Crow, told The New York Post.  Crow and her husband, Kelly, adopted Rachel at six months through Colorado Social Services.  The identity of her birth parents is unknown. Despite her troubling past, Rachel remains relatively una … [Read more...]

June 23: A Happy Catholic

Author and blogger Julie Davis considers herself a “Happy Catholic” (also the title of her blog) not only because her spiritual journey has taken her from atheism to belief, but because it’s changed her attitude about life.Julie admitted on Christopher Closeup that she’d always been a negative, glass-is-half-empty person who was good with a stinging putdown of someone else.  A few years after she started blogging, she saw some people commenting about her, “I love Julie. She’s so happy, cheerf … [Read more...]