June 6: The Injury That Led to God

As a boy, Daniel Murphy started playing baseball through the process of elimination.  He was too short for basketball, too slow for soccer, and because he didn’t like to get hit, forget about football.  Baseball, however, was a game for which he had a gift.Murphy was drafted by the New York Mets in 2006, and made his Major League debut two years later.  The year 2011 was shaping up to be his best season to date.  Then it happened.  Again.A knee injury ended his season early for the second … [Read more...]

June 5: Say Yes to the Dress

Knitting their own wedding dress isn’t an option many women would consider, but Lydia Tayler from Huddersfield, England, made a successful go of it.  Both she and the groom-to-be, Ash Pears, wanted to hold a wedding for less than the average 20,000 British pounds it costs in modern-day England.  They would much rather invest the money in a house that could hold them and the kids they wanted to have.A knitter since age six, Tayler spent four months making the dress which consisted of 300 gra … [Read more...]

June 4: If God is For Us…

In light of the natural disasters that have taken place lately, here is a Christopher prayer for those who are suffering:“Lord, our world has been upended.  The forces of nature appear to be conspiring against us.  Our sense of hope has either burned up in flames, been washed away in a flood, crumbled with the earth, or been blown away by a fierce wind.  Your presence is virtually undetectable.“But then I remember that Your beloved Son suffered too. He spoke the words, “My God, my God, wh … [Read more...]

June 3: A Miraculous Defect

On July 20, 2012, when a gunman opened fire on the crowd watching the premiere of the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado, 12 people died and many more were hurt.  One of the wounded was 22-year-old Petra Anderson.   Three shotgun pellets hit her arm while one entered her brain.  Doctors feared her injuries could leave her with severe speech, motor and cognitive problems.  During surgery, they discovered otherwise.Anderson’s pastor, Brad Strait, wrote on his blog, “The doctor ex … [Read more...]

June 2: Lessons from the Lakota

No matter our age, we’re never too young or old to learn from other cultures.  Ten teens from St. Joseph parish in Milford, Iowa, discovered this lesson when they took a service trip to the Lakota Reservation in Rosebud, South Dakota.  The annual mission trip was founded by parishioner Teresa Goehring and led by Father Tom Flanagan.“Our primary work [at the reservation] was to paint the inside walls of a small building that functioned as a church for the small resident community,” Father Flan … [Read more...]

June 1: The Reading Writer

No matter where she is, Mary Higgins Clark likes to read.  “I never go to a doctor or a dentist without a book in my bag,” says the best-selling suspense novelist.  She does have a favorite spot, however: a roomy wing chair with a footstool in her family room.And what does she read? “Fiction or nonfiction: honestly, both,” she said in an interview with The New York Times Book Review. Her earliest choices, which included Nancy Drew mysteries, pointed her towards the genre of suspense. “I was h … [Read more...]

May 31: Tapping Teen Control

“Teens want to feel in control of their lives,” explains Julie Morgenstern, who co-wrote Organizing From the Inside Out for Teens with her high-school-age daughter.Since most teens have innate organizational skills, here are their four tips for tapping into them:▪ Talk the talk.  Avoid phrases like, “Your room is a pigsty.”  Would you help someone who was insulting you?▪ Personalize your pitch.  Offer teens positive reasons to be more organized, especially the benefits they themselves … [Read more...]

May 30: Stained Glass Spirituality

When syndicated Catholic News Service columnist Christina Capecchi took a sabbatical from checking or posting on the social media site Twitter, she had more time to work on writing and poetry.  She also enrolled in a class that taught her how to make stained-glass windows.  What began as a lesson in “artistry,” however, soon turned into one of deep spirituality.When Capecchi cut on the wrong side of the glass, she told her teacher she thought she “made a mistake.” His surprising answer: “We d … [Read more...]