Apr. 11: The Burden of Needless Worry

It’s easy to get consumed by worries of what other people think of you.  Up-and-coming musical theater actress Brooke Evans was no exception.Evans exuded talent and confidence, but often felt crippled by the need to know how others saw her, both on a personal and professional level.  If she didn’t know, she would assume the worst.  She explains, “I didn’t trust that others would see in me what God sees in me or what I see in myself.”Hitting bottom forced Evans to confront issues she never … [Read more...]

Apr. 10: Wake Up, Generation

Twenty-one-year-old singer/songwriter Paige Omartian knows that life is precious because she almost lost hers to bone cancer at age 11.  She gets frustrated when she sees young people wasting their lives, as if they have no God-given purpose.Now healthy and married, Omartian has written a book, Wake Up, Generation, to share her story.  In it, she recalls visiting the hospital for a checkup and seeing “patients attached to tubes and IV poles…with scared, half-conscious faces, wondering what wa … [Read more...]

Apr. 9: Give God the Glory

Golfer Bubba Watson surprised everyone, including himself, when he won the 2012 Masters Tournament on Easter Sunday.  His first words also may have surprised everyone: “I’d like to first thank Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.”Watson showed admirable humility and level-headedness as he called his accomplishment a blessing, saying that he never dreamed he would win.  Shedding tears as he spoke, he put it all in perspective as he mentioned his newly adopted son.Watson said, “Golf isn’t ever … [Read more...]

Apr. 8: When Climbing Out Your Minivan Window

With a broken driver’s-side door handle inside her minivan, mother of five Jennifer Fulwiler tried exiting her vehicle like the characters on the old TV show The Dukes of Hazzard: by climbing out the window.  As she writes in the book Style, Sex, and Substance, she soon realized this was not an easy task for “a 34-year-old mother with a penchant for…ice cream.”To make matters worse, this was happening in the church parking lot in front of a proper-looking parishioner.  Fulwiler says, “My foot … [Read more...]

Apr. 7: The Doctor is a Nun

Though Sister Anne Brooks tends to the spiritual needs of the people in poverty-stricken Tutwiler, Mississippi, she spends even more time caring for their physical needs as the only local doctor many of them have ever known.In 1983, Sister Anne opened a medical clinic in Tutwiler with the help of a grant from the charity, Catholic Extension.  As reported by Byron Pitts of CBS News, she is now 73 and works 12-hour days, seven days a week.More than two-thirds of her patients have no money … [Read more...]

Apr. 6: Making the Most of the Night

Family life is filled with an excessive amount of activities and often not a lot of down time.Author Jenn Berman (The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids) suggests several ways to make the most of those precious few hours of evening family time.First, call a “black out”—an hour or two of tech-free time. No texting, tweeting or video games.Next, eat together, and maybe even prepare dinner as a family.Finally, right before bed time, talk with one another.  Have each family … [Read more...]

Apr. 5: Speaking With Someone Facing Illness

You may want to comfort a friend or loved one who’s struggling with cancer, but you’re not sure what exactly to say.Lori Hope, author of Help Me Live: 20 Things People with Cancer Want You to Know, offers several suggestions:▪ Say “I’d like to ask how you’re doing, but I don’t want to bring it up if you don’t want to talk about it.  What would you prefer?”▪ Ask, “How’s it going?” not “How are you feeling?”  That allows people to talk about their illness or to introduce a different top … [Read more...]

Apr. 4: A Sweet 16 to Remember

Most teenagers ask for cash on their 16th birthday, and high-school junior Kara Magoolaghan from White Plains, New York, was no different.  Only instead of keeping this money for herself, she asked that it be donated to the Charity Ghana ACT (Alliance for Community Transformation), which was founded by her mother’s friend John Barber.Magoolaghan learned from Barber that his group was raising money to construct a school in Ho, Ghana.  She was happy to aid this worthy cause, and even opted to v … [Read more...]