August 17: Love at a Convenience Store

Chinsuk Kim first picked a career as a radiology technologist in a Las Vegas hospital.  She quickly realized, however, that the job was not for her. After working in a casino for a few years and saving some money, she discovered a convenience store franchise opportunity. Owning a store, she found, was a good fit for her personality.A few years later, Todd Ferguson walked in to that store for a cup of coffee; he soon became a regular customer. On one visit he asked if Kim needed help. She … [Read more...]

August 16: Comfort at Life’s End

Hospice workers respect life while also providing comfort care at its end.Pam Greene, a hospice nurse in Nebraska, told a reporter that she is now passionate about helping people through the process with dignity. Years ago she “hated death and dying. I didn’t like going to funerals.  I didn’t like any of that kind of stuff.”But she followed the advice of one hospice director, who noted that those who work in this field need a good understanding of what their own values are in relation to … [Read more...]

August 15: A King Indeed

Frederick the Great of Prussia was walking along a road on the outskirts of Berlin one day when he accidentally brushed against a very old man.  “Who are you?” Frederick asked out of idle curiosity as the two came to a halt.“I am a king,” the old man answered.“A king?” echoed Frederick.  “Over what kingdom do you reign?”“Over myself,” was the proud reply.  “I rule myself because I control myself.  I am my own subject to command.”All of us can be kings, in the sense of the old man’ … [Read more...]

August 14: A Saint of WWII

It was August 14, 1941, at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.  The Nazis were picking which prisoners would be killed that day.  After 10 men were selected to die, one of them—Franciszek Gajowniczek—cried out, “My wife! My children! I will never see them again!”Also present at this time was another Nazi prisoner, Father Maximilan Kolbe, a Franciscan Friar.  He stepped forward and told the Nazi commandant, “I am a Catholic priest.  Let me take his place. I am old.  He has a wife and c … [Read more...]

August 13: Hold the Elevator!

When Ernest was a student in the Christopher Leadership Course, he shared a story about going to a job interview after being out of work for six months.  The interview was scheduled to take place in a high-rise New York City office building.Ernest got on the elevator, and the doors started to close.  As they were nearly shut, he heard a woman shout, “Please hold the elevator!”  He quickly pressed the “Door Open” button, allowing her to get in.  The woman was grateful because she was already l … [Read more...]

August 12: Operation Oliver

Urban decay, crime, and drug dealing are just some of the problems plaguing an East Baltimore neighborhood called Oliver.  Now, 100 military veterans are working to improve the area through Operation Oliver.As reported in The Baltimore Sun, the project began in July 2011 with the intent of “cleaning up alleys, rehabbing homes, helping residents find jobs…and notifying police about illegal dumping sites and drug dealing.”Marine Corps veteran Rich Blake says, “A lot of the conditions from p … [Read more...]

August 11: Some Much Needed Women’s Care

Since 1984, 19 Women’s Care Centers have been founded throughout the United States.The purpose of these nonprofit centers, along with the Catholic Charities organization affiliated with them, is to offer unwed mothers a safe, nonjudgmental place to receive the counseling and prenatal care they require.  One such center opened on March 1, 2012, in Hammond, Indiana, an area which has the highest number of abortions in the state.“We are proud and happy to be in this effort for choice,” Catho … [Read more...]

August 10: Chocolate Ice Cream and a Smile

A long week away from home at a business meeting, and an intense week ahead back at the office.  That was the past and the future for Janet as she sat in a small café on a Sunday afternoon, a million thoughts and worries racing through her mind about moments gone by and those yet to come.Suddenly, she caught sight of a three-year-old boy eating a small dish of chocolate ice cream.  He seemed to be savoring every spoonful as he got almost as much of the ice cream on his nose and cheeks as he d … [Read more...]