Discovering Mary

by David Mills

Publisher: St. Anthony Messenger Press
Copyright: September 4, 2009


Having wondered about Mary himself, Mills knows the questions that puzzle not only new Catholics but many cradle Catholics and non-Catholics as well.Discovering Mary brings together essential Marian information in an engaging manner not only to instruct but also to deepen devotion to “the one who bore our Savior and deserves our love.

Knowing the Real Jesus

by David Mills

Publisher: Charis Books
Copyright: August 2001


Many early Christians, our teachers in the Faith, died as martyrs because they insisted on holding to certain orthodox teachings about who Jesus was. This saints’ guide assembles practical examples and extensive quotes from the Fathers of the Church to show that our devotional life needs the clarifying support of doctrine, and that right doctrine leads to deeper, fuller and more satisfying devotion.

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