David Mills has served as the editor of Touchstone and executive editor of First Things, where he wrote the popular “While We’re At It” section. He has written two popular books, Knowing the Real Jesus and Discovering Mary, and edited a collection of essays on C. S. Lewis called The Pilgrim’s Guide. Father Richard John Neuhaus described the first as “a splendid little book. It is solid theology for readers who are not theologians, and a lesson in writing for those who are.” He writes a column for diocesan newspapers called Catholic Sense.

He and his family entered the Catholic Church at the Easter vigil in 2001, while he was working at an Episcopal seminary (which did not, to its credit, fire him). He and his wife now live outside Pittsburgh with the one child (of four) still at home.

His writing can be found at Catholic Sense and information about his writing and editing work at The Lapidary Craft.