Actions first, then talk

Being a workplace Red Letter Believer isn’t always about the proclamation. We have all seen the those who stand on the pedestal and shout their faith without any regard to how their actions relate. How many of these vocal beleivers have poor workplace habits, shaky ethics, and worldly behavior. For some, it does a disservice to our Lord to be a proclaimer. They should first be seen, and then be heard.

A friend of mine wrote me today about the intersection of his workplace and his faith.

One of his extra duties is to publish a newsletter for the several hundred people at his plant. He says this “I’m sure you understand that I have to be careful about what I say and don’t say directly in the paper…but, I always find ways to at least point in the direction I’m alluding to—–upward to the Glory of God and Christ.”

And from what I know, he does. He is not one of these silent witnesses that could be mistaken for just another ‘nice guy.’ His faith has transformed the way he works — not just what he says.

There is a key difference. He continues, “My life would be absolutely and totally empty without Jesus…it took me a few years to realize this and God allowed me a lot of grace until I finally came to this point in my life—but, now I understand it in my heart. “

That’s what being a workplace Red Letter Believer is all about. Letting God change your heart first, then your mind, and then your body. The workplace desperately needs people who are transformed — totally and thoroughly.

What are your thoughts on this? Please post them below and help us think this through together.

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  • Larry

    For too much of my life I was a Christian of…convenience. I mean, I liked talking the “God Speak” when it fit the situation. But, if it got uncomfortable, I rather enjoyed taking the coat of Christianity off if I chose to do so. I mean, afterall, I didn’t want to offend anybody or come across as “one of those religious people.” We must be politically correct, right?

    This was especially true in the workplace. It is difficult to be a Christian at work–at least in some work environments. It means you have to separate yourself from the crowd at times. You cannot partake of some of the conversations…you cannot be “one of the good ole’ boys.” I used to view this as a sacrifice—and, alas—it was not one I was willing to make too often.

    Now? Well, God has moved in my life and changed my entire perspective on things. He finally led me to a place in my life where I felt Him basically saying…”If you decide to get serious about Me, I’ll get serious about you.” It’s been a long journey—and, of course, it’s still going. But, progress is being made…

    I knew my faith was growing and showing more when a couple of guys at work were kidding with each other in my presence. They were playfully giving each other a hard time. One of them made a rather light “insult”. The other guy chuckled and said something like “Wow, that was weak—it wasn’t nearly as good as you came up with yesterday.” To this the first guy nodded in my direction and said…”I have too much respect for that guy and his opinion to say what I was really thinking.” Even better—he didn’t say it in a scoffing manner. He wasn’t trying to be funny…he was respectfully sincere.

    To that…I say….
    Praise God for allowing me the honor of letting my fellow workers see a bit of Jesus through me. I take no personal credit and I take no personal pride…I could never do something like this by my own will or power. To God be the glory and honor for ever.

    Great Blog!!!