If I lost my sight . . .

Walking through the deep forest, I stepped on a limb and it created a cartoon-like chain reaction that eventually had a tree branch careening toward my face. I turned my face just in time and the branch gouged my cheek. Not my eyes!

It’s interesting how we protect our most precious part of the body. We’ll fling our hands in front of our face. We’ll turn our backs to brute force. We’ll do anything to protect the eye.

If we had a choice, we would sacrifice just about any body part in exchange for our vision. I love my sight and count the treasure of the visual wonders of this world  as some of my richest possessions. But what if I lost my vision? What if the vibrant world of color suddenly became murky, void dark. What if the textures and hues from the sky disappeared. What if the grains and specks of detail were gone. What would I miss the most?

There’s an interesting photography project about those who were once blind who had their sight restored.  Modern science gave them a new cornea and a chance to see things again. They were given a camera and an assignment.  “What did you miss the most when you were blind.”

But that got me thinking about the same question. What would I miss? If all the things I see right now were taken away, what would I remember the most?


Am I taking all of the wondrous things around me for granted? Creation? Family? Love? Wonder? 

How about you? What would you miss the most?

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  • I thought I’d need time to think about it

    but as I was about to leave a comment saying that

    it came to me

    I would miss seeing the eyes of others

    the joy, the sorrow, the wonder, the sparkling light

    eyes that tell all, reflect all…

    and what an incredible photo

  • I would miss riding my bike. I would miss watching my grandson. I would miss seeing joy of peoples’ faces. I would miss so much I am unable to write it all down or to pick just one thing.

  • I would miss gazing into the eyes of my husband, children, grandchildren, friends and even strangers.

    The eyes are a gate way to the soul, eyes speak without words. Then I would miss reading the Bible as I glean from the edges of each story, reading between the lines and even this web site I would miss!

  • That’s tough.

    I’d miss everything. I’d miss the sunset. I’d miss seeing my son’s beautiful face. I’d miss everything, especially reading (though I know I can learn how to read another way, I think I’d miss seeing seeing the words. Miss seeing the Red letters in my Bible).

  • What would I lose if I lost my sight? A lot – but not everything. Not salvation.

    Would it alter my life and lifestyle? Unquestionably.

    I live with these issues daily – Warren has 2 different kinds of macular degeneration, one per eyeball. Both are untreatable, and his vision is pretty much gone, as is his hearing (that’s in a little better shape thanks to hearing aids). His sense of touch was never really that good, which was surprising to discover considering at one point he was a watchmaker (yet another trade made nearly obsolete in a digital world)… daggone it, David – now you’ve gone and inspired another post :-)

  • Definitely my kids and grandkids. This is interesting to think about because I have been having issues with my eye sight since the beginning of April and I’m going back to the eye doctor this afternoon. I’d also miss my Bible. I love reading the Word so that would be very difficult.

  • My mom was gradually losing her sight in her later years due to a ravaging disease. As surgeries and the like didn’t always help her, I was very afraid for her. The same fear lies within.

  • Faces.

    If I lost my vision what I would most miss is seeing the faces of those I love. Seeing their smiles…seeing their joy…seeing their sorrow…seeing their humor…