Christian party poopers

“Therefore you now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you.”— Jesus Christ, John 16.22“One man’s theology is another man’s belly laugh.”-Robert A. Heinlein Red Letter Believers are people who know how to celebrate. There far too many dour – yet [Read More…]

Dog the Bounty Hunter – God’s Bloodhound

Fake man or man of faith Duane Chapman, who goes by the name “Dog the Bounty Hunter” is a head busting, TV star who chases criminals on the lam. He also claims to be a born-again Christian whose show on A&E is filled with biblical references and expressions of faith. Before he goes to hunt [Read More…]

Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth

It’s not often that television programming gives us the opportunity to broach the subject of God with our co-workers, but for the next few weeks, this chance is available to us. Currently playing on the Discovery Channel is the 11 part mini-series, Planet Earth. Painstakingly shot over 5 years, this expansive, brilliantly photographed series depicts [Read More…]

Good Tree, Good Fruit

Jesus said that a good tree can’t produce bad fruit and, conversely, a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. What happens when we feel like bursting with a harvest of red ripe Fuji’s but we are still firmly rooted in a nasty patch of thistles just waiting to draw the blood of our neighbors? At [Read More…]

Format C: IT technician makes $38 billion mistake.

An IT technician is Alaska made a big mistake. While doing some computer maintenance on the Alaska State computer that maintains the permanent royalty fund, he formatted the disk drive during a route maintenance check. He then inadvertently formatted the backup drive. “No worries, we have tape backup, right?” Much to his horror, the backup [Read More…]

Amazing Grace – the sweetest sound

Tomorrow marks the 200th anniversary of William Wilberforce’s triumphant crusade to abolish slavery. Wilberforce was relentless. Each year he argued for truth and righteousness. Each year he was voted down. On Feb. 23, 1807, after two decades of determination by Member of Parliament Wilberforce, the House of Commons voted to abolish the British slave trade,changing [Read More…]

The “Secret” is Out!

Today, I am the bearer of sad news. The Secret of the universe has been discovered and apparently we Christians are not privy to it! Over the past few weeks, the news media has been giving extensive air time to a new phenomenon. “The Secret” is a multimedia sensation – a book, movie and DVD [Read More…]

Impacting Lives at Work

Some people are pack rats; they keep everything. As for me, I keep virtually nothing – I obsessively purge almost everything that I consider to be clutter. So I was surprised when I found a 5 year old letter in my nearly empty file cabinet. The letter was from the husband of one of my [Read More…]

It’s not about the Money, Honey

We have come to expect television networks to actively exploit our human weaknesses to raise their ratings. In the realm of financial shows, they prey on our greed to keep us tuned in. Now, a star of CNBC is banking on our lustful nature and is pushing both sex and greed in their programming. I [Read More…]

“God, bless me?”

I was introduced to the band U2 more than 25 years ago and they’ve been my favorite band ever since. Although I don’t listen to them as vigilantly as I did in my younger years, I still love cranking them up to ‘11’ and singing off key as I motor through traffic. A few weeks [Read More…]