What’s trendy today might be ridiculous tomorrow

 A few nights ago we had a discussion about harvest gold. You might remember those days when appliances, countertops and small mixers all came in this color.  And avocado green was popular too. Around the table we laughed at all the things that were supposed to be cool, forever.











It was supposed to define a new generation of home fashion. Today it defines a generation of home remodelers.

Growing up, our house had paneling – of course – and it kept the basement “cozy.”

And don’t forget the wallpaper. The more flowers and colors, the groovier it was.











Shag carpet. Of course I wasn’t going to overlook you. I ran my Hot Wheels through your long fibers, ate crackers when mom wasn’t looking, and lost my tooth in you clutches.

There was the hair, the crazy mustaches, the bell bottoms and mini skirts, and the flowered patterns.

We laughed about them all. And then it hit me — all of the things I pursue, all the possession I must possess, all the things I desire — will not last into eternity, let alone the next decade.

I’m chasing obsolescence.

So, it makes me wonder, what trends of today will be passé tomorrow? What “cool” things of today will look ridiculous?

No doubt, I follow the trends of the age. I have ditched my short-shorts (my kids begged me), trimmed my hair, and updated my wardrobe to at least 1995. I drive a stylish car, have a newer phone, and make sure my family is “keeping pace.”

Is all this running with culture is an empty pursuit. There are some who literally must fit in and will sacrifice their time, their very souls to fit in. They must have the latest technology, use the newest devices, and engage in the culture’s latest trends.

Then tomorrow comes, and the cycle must begin again.

What He Said: Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. (I John 2:15-16).

The lust of the flesh.The lust of the eyes. The pride of life. Foolish.

In your opinion, what trendy things of today will look ridiculous tomorrow?


Well, I feel 

Like I have to feel 

Something good all of the time 

With most of life I cannot deal 

But a good feeling I can feel 

Even though it may not be real 

And if a person, place or thing can deliver 

I will quiver with delight 

But will it last me for all my life 

Or just one more lonely night 

The lust, the flesh 

The eyes 

And the pride of life 

Drain the life 

Right out of me

— Michael Roe, The Seventy Sevens

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  • All of it. Well, until it cycles around again and is the new old or the old new. Whatever.

    I wear my husband’s 501’s from high school – ‘course I have to cut off 8 inches; I wear my hair in a ponytail and my man cuts it when it gets shaggy – I cut his and my son’s too; we drive rigs that are paid off and have all manner of scratches and dents; we live in a metal-sided house with concrete floors and no trim… we’re not too concerned with keeping up with the Jones’ around here. Heck, I cannot even tell you what trendy looks like. This is small-town, America. Flannel, jeans, baseball hats, and t-shirts have been in ever since I can remember.


    Thanks for the vantage point.

    • I love the picture you painted there, Darlene – nothing ostentatious, nothing pretentious, and no attempt to keep up with the Joneses, unless it is in seeing how much life you can wring out of life. We spend too much money chasing and collecting junk, but like the song says, you don’t see no hearses with luggage racks…

  • And avocado green! And virtually all haircuts int he 1980s.

    • My hair was pretty long — until the Air Force cut it all off.

  • Amy

    Yep: “I’m chasing obsolescence.”

    Good stuff, David. Paisley and plaid haven’t quite come back yet…I’m still waiting.

  • You would likely have to regress to keep up with this Jones although I am about to explore the territory of smartphones at the encouragement of my kids.

    • I think that’s why we love you so! Running from fad to fad seems so … exhausting!

  • Well said,David.

    There is only One we should be trying to keep up with, and He will always encourage us along, if we but ask.

    The rest, as you said, foolishness, and a trap the enemy uses with exquisite precision.

    • We do get “trapped” by the lure of these things. I like the image you painted of “keeping up Jesus”. That seems like a much better pursuit

  • “I’m chasing obsolescence.”

    And that is something to think about. When I read “The Fault in Our Stars” last summer, the thing that surprised me was one of the character’s ultimate fear of obliteration. It struck me as odd. But since, I’ve thought about it more. It’s similar to obsolescence; we don’t want to be useless. So why do we chase it? Hmmm…

    Nice post. I see my parents’ house in your description, paneling and all. :)

    • Lisa, I’m not aware of that book. But the idea of “obliteration” is interesting. And I think of the fear of obscurity too. I admit, i am gripped by the realization that things are passing me by. I used to be so … in tune. And now, I really don’t give a rip if the world chases its tale.

  • Good post. I was just talking about fads and trends with my son. The things that he finds cool today are going to seem so uncool to his kids. I typically catch on to the fashion wave about the time it’s heading back out to sea. Can’t stay on top of it…and don’t care to either. :)

  • What trendy things of today will look ridiculous tomorrow?

    Well…for starters, the sagging pants already look ridiculous and will never look other than ridiculous.

    All those ‘sexy’ tat’s that are so popular today will look pretty silly in a few years when the wearer’s skin becomes old and wrinkled. Same with the multiple piercings…

    This current fad among Hollywood stars of wearing clothes intentionally designed to reveal and accentuate the lack of undergarments…that one’s pretty silly. I couldn’t care less whether or not people wear undergarments, but it’s just poor taste to advertise the missing clothing anywhere outside the bedroom…much less on international television.

    But, yes, you make an excellent point. We do tend to chase obsolescence…focusing on acquiring things that have no eternal significance…

    Good post!

  • There’s so much “trendy” stuff today that I HOPE is obsolete soon! Too much to go into.

    I long for society to de-clutter our lives, to simplify and focus on WHO and WHAT really matters.

    Guess I’m showing my age :)

  • I have such a bad eye for fashion that it’s hard for me to say what will look silly years from now, although I’m hoping that the baggy pants fad will fade away!

    This post reminds me of Solomon’s words in Ecc “There is nothing new under the sun” That’s true of fashion and it’s the reason we must place our energy and desires on knowing and living for God, that’s a fashion that will last for eternity!

  • I kind of hope some of those things come back in style :) … all the beige in decorating now depresses me.

  • My youngest daughter has asked me not to come to school with my baggy shorts and sweatshirt on. I do have to admit that while I don’t care much about clothes, except for my tennis shoes, the other stuff lures me a bit too much. It’s a fine line between what we truly appreciate and what becomes our idols.

    I can always count on you to make me stop and consider myself! Not a pretty place to be…

  • Well said, David. Well said, indeed. I cannot tell you how many walls I covered with wallpaper in the 70s. Yikes!

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