Lebanese TV anchor wears “N” to show solidarity with Iraqi Christians

Impressive:  A Lebanese TV channel is using the Arabic letter N in its logo, in what appears to be a show of solidarity with Christians in Iraq. Dima Sadeq, one of the main anchors on the channel LBCI, has appeared on screen wearing a T-shirt with the letter N – pronounced Noon in Arabic. “From [Read More...]

Abortion advocates beginning to shun “pro-choice” label

From The New York Times:  For all the talk about women’s issues in this year’s midterm election campaigns, something is missing. One of the most enduring labels of modern politics — pro-choice — has fallen from favor, a victim of changed times and generational preferences. That shift might seem surprising in this political season, when [Read More...]

Why are so many couples getting married outside the Church? —UPDATED

Some answers, from The Atlantic:  Even though marriage has been a major reason why adults have joined the Church in the past, it’s becoming less so. Between 2000 and 2012, adult baptisms declined by nearly 50 percent, which, [researcher Mark] Gray said, probably has something to do with the declining rates of marriage. So why are couples [Read More...]

Mary and Jesus in a Long John Silver’s ad?

Yep. A friend asked about this on Facebook, wondering if it was, maybe, blasphemous. I don’t think so. Actually, I like it. See what you think. [Read more...]

Must-see video: Raymond Arroyo and Elaine Stritch on nuns and show business and so much more

This is something to see. The late, great Broadway legend who died earlier this month spoke to the EWTN host about her youth, her career, and the cardinal who was her uncle. It’s amazing Arroyo made it out alive. [Read more...]

Want to know how you can help Iraqi Christians? Here.

I preached about it last weekend. Now, there’s more. This just in, from My Day Job Desk: Catholic Near East Welfare Association has launched a campaign to rush emergency assistance to tens of thousands of Christians forced to flee their homes in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Ordered by ISIS extremists of the self-proclaimed Islamic [Read More...]

“Anyone talking about a priest shortage is talking nonsense”

Those are the words of Rockville Centre’s Bishop William Murphy, quoted in this article from Newsday:  The steady drop in the number of Catholic priests on Long Island and across the country is causing widespread use of retired priests to administer sacraments in parishes, an increase in priests from foreign countries to answer the need [Read More...]

Bridgeport’s Bishop Caggiano: “It’s not our church, it’s His church…”

Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport is convoking a local synod in his diocese. Sean Salai, S.J. at America magazine interviewed him about what this synod might entail. Snip: Reports from the pre-synod listening sessions you held in the spring indicated a wide variety of perspectives, with some people wanting a stronger devotional life and others [Read More...]

At the end of the date, they’d pray the rosary before he could kiss her good night

From The Hartford Courant comes this lovely story of a deacon and his wife—a saga of faith, conversion and, believe it or not, swinging: John Abdalla walked up to Irene Dauphin, a newcomer at work, and said he would give her a golf lesson at lunch. “The next day we went out at lunch,” to [Read More...]

What’s up with the Jesuits?

Blogger and teacher Matt Emerson poses the question over at the CNN Belief blog:   Is Andrew Garfield, star of films such as “The Social Network” and “The Amazing Spiderman,” considering the priesthood? Last month, paparazzi snapped a picture of Garfield walking as he carried “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything,” the Rev. James Martin’s insightful overview [Read More...]

Bomb attack after Mass kills five in Nigeria

Details:  Nigeria’s northern city of Kano on Sunday cancelled celebrations to mark the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan after two bomb attacks blamed on the Islamist group Boko Haram. At least five people were killed and eight were injured in a bomb attack on a Catholic church in a mainly Christian area [Read More...]

Priest who dances the flamenco draws crowds to parish in Spain

I thought I’d seen everything. But no. Details:  It’s a lot more fun than going to Confession. A Roman Catholic priest in southern Spain has parishioners banging down his church doors, all so they can praise God and dance the flamenco. Jose Planas Moreno, or Father Pepe, as he is known, brings flocks of congregants [Read More...]

“We are all pearls”: a deacon’s homily for this Sunday

A deacon friend sent me his homily for today. It’s extraordinary and, I think, deserves a wider audience. I post it here with his permission. I hope it will resonate with many.  ++ My good friend, Father Hilarion has a saying that goes like this… Everyone who comes into your life is a blessing. Some [Read More...]

Behold, a remarkable tribute to a generous child

The photo shows Chinese doctors bowing in tribute to a young boy who donated his organs to try and save the lives of others. The story:  The parents of 11-year-old Liang Yaoyi were stunned by his request. As cancer ravaged his body, the fifth grader from the Chinese city of Shenzhen focused on how he [Read More...]

A new Catholic Bible? Check out “The Message”

Those of us who grew up with the “Good News for Modern Man” in the 1970s can be forgiven for feeling a sense of deja vu. But here’s some news about a new translation of the Bible that you’ll be hearing about, from NCR: The Message is relatively unknown to Catholics because it is a Protestant [Read More...]

Freshly ordained in the city: meet Fr. Jeremy Canna from Brooklyn

Last month, I posted about my friend Jeremy Canna, one of 13 new priests ordained for the Diocese of Brooklyn. This weekend, he is profiled in The Wall Street Journal:  Father Canna, a slight, hyper-articulate Marine Park native who walks through life chin first, is among the youngest of the 13 priests just ordained by the [Read More...]

Homily for July 27, 2014: 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time—UPDATED

If you visited Facebook Friday afternoon, you would have seen on a sidebar a list of some of the stories that were trending around the world – what people were reading, sharing, talking about. High on the list was the new cast for “Game of Thrones,” Ben Affleck as Batman, a documentary about Nicholas Cage [Read More...]

EWTN opening studio in California

This moved late yesterday, but with the various technical issues involving the Patheos reboot, I’m only getting to it now. But this is huge:  Christ Cathedral will be the site of the first West Coast broadcast studio for the largest religious media network in the world, with construction underway in the iconic Tower of Hope for [Read More...]