Attending a Catholic college but becoming Jewish

This is an interesting meditation by the daughter of a mixed-faith family—but it seems to me this shows the potential pitfalls of choosing to not choose a faith for your children:Growing up in Harrison, New York, 10 minutes outside the Bronx, everyone I knew was Italian, Jewish or both.Mine was a pretty secular home, run by an Italian-Catholic mother and a Canadian-Jewish father. We had a Christmas tree and a menorah. I ate chicken scarpariello and bagels and lox. I had an Italian g … [Read More...]


Extra cheesy: the Pope Francis pizza box

Delicious:   West Deptford food packaging company has taken the plain pizza box and converted it into a welcome banner for Pope Francis in commemoration of his visit to Philadelphia later this month.Amanda Farese, director of marketing for Savona-Stavola — a company that provides food packaging products — has used her artistic abilities to create original artwork for pizzerias and restaurants in the South Jersey andPhiladelphia area."I've always loved art, and this gave me an opportunity … [Read More...]

Who’s the guy behind Eye of the Tiber?

 Now it can be told: If you’re a Catholic on Facebook, or the internet in general, chances are Samer Noam has made you laugh. Or he’s made you angry. If he’s done his job the way he wants, he’s done both. Noam is the man, the myth, the legend behind the Catholic satire site, Eye of … [Read More...]

Pope Francis: Sowing divisions is a sickness in the Church; “gossiping is like terrorism”

From today's homily: Pope Francis says sowing divisions and discord is a sickness within the Church and described a person who indulges in gossip as like a terrorist who throws bombs. His comments came during his homily at his Friday (4th September) Mass in the Santa Marta residence. Taking his … [Read More...]

Making a spectacle: What happened when the pope went to buy a new pair of glasses?

This:Details: Pope Francis slipped out of the Vatican Thursday for a personal — and very normal — errand: New glasses.Francis arrived at dusk at the Ottica Spiezia on swank Via del Babuino in his Ford Focus, accompanied by his bodyguard and some plainclothes police, witness Daniel Soehe sai … [Read More...]

One woman’s story: “When my abortion is forgiven by the Catholic church, I will be free…”

One person's anonymous testimony:I grew up hearing all sorts of mythology from parishioners about our faith and abortion; that it was an “unforgivable sin”; that it condemned you to hell; that you are automatically excommunicated and no longer “Catholic.” Unfortunately, those misconceptions are … [Read More...]

Meet Fr. Leopold, the “world’s smallest priest,” celebrating the Lego Mass

Don't you know someone who'd like this for Christmas?:  Fr. Leopold is on a mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ with minifigures everywhere. Sporting his brand new clerics and a friendly face, he is ready to preach the gospel and bring the sacraments to his people.Featuring 171 … [Read More...]

A beautiful glimpse inside a cloister: “It’s like being around a bunch of young women who were in love”

The New York Times offers this preview of a new book, due out later this month, and the women who made it happen:The idea of a cloistered life strikes some as one of severity and silence, of running away from a broken heart or a broken life. But as Toni Greaves discovered when she visited a … [Read More...]

Vatican: transsexuals cannot be godparents

From Catholic News Agency: A media firestorm arose in Spain after a transsexual woman, who considers herself a man, asked to be the godfather of her nephew – leading a diocese's bishop to turn to the Vatican for an answer. After writing to the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Fa … [Read More...]

RIP, Dean Jones: the man who stopped running from God

The celebrated actor from countless Disney films in the '60s died today at age 84, from Parkinson's. You may know him best from this:But his life was far more interesting and complicated, according to Christianity Today:For years he had deceived himself into believing that the Hollywood … [Read More...]

Chaput slams Trump’s “belligerent bombast” on immigration

The Archbishop of Philadelphia delivered these remarks last night: Immigration can be a tough issue. At least one of our presidential candidates has already made the national immigration debate ugly with a great deal of belligerent bombast. His success in the polls shows that many people – inc … [Read More...]

A death row inmate’s conversion: “It was Catholics who had shown me so much love and kindness”

A remarkable odyssey, from Sister Camille D'Arienzo in NCR.She interviews David Hammer, 56, serving a life sentence without parole in Tucson, AZ:Sr. Camille: 15 years have gone by since you first contacted me. You were an inmate in Allenwood, Pa., anticipating a January 1999 execution. Your … [Read More...]

Have you seen Aleteia lately?

Elizabeth Scalia, of happy memory, just dropped me a line and asked me to take a look at the site's shiny new redesign—and it's a stunner.Clean. Elegant. Eye-catching. Easy to navigate. Inviting. The screen shot here doesn't do it justice.Take a look for yourself.  Kick the tires. Te … [Read More...]

A Catholic Worker responds to the scandal in Des Moines: “There is an underlying clericalism I find deeply disturbing”

You may remember this story from last week—wherein a bishop moved to forbid Mass at a Catholic Worker house in Iowa, after a "woman priest" presided at a liturgy there—and now my blog neighbor Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble has an interesting followup.This comes from Charles Beard, who is part of a C … [Read More...]

Pew survey: U.S. Catholics “remarkably accepting” of non-traditional families

I don't think there's much here that's surprising. But it offers a good snapshot of the flock Pope Francis will be meeting when he arrives on these shores later this month:When Pope Francis arrives in the U.S. for the World Meeting of Families later this month, he will find a Catholic public … [Read More...]

John Lawrence, Iowa seminarian, dies in his sleep

This heartbreaking item appeared on the Diocese of Des Moines Office of Vocations Facebook page Tuesday night: Please keep in your prayers seminarian John Lawrence, who died in his sleep last night. Keep in prayer his family and the seminarian community. Information regarding funeral arrangements … [Read More...]

Must-see video: first clip from pope’s satellite conference on ABC

In a word: wonderful. Just watch.ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos … [Read More...]

From bar brawler “badass” to deacon

A great vocation story, about the chaplain for the New Orleans office of the FBI, via The New Orleans Advocate:   Dan Haggerty takes great delight in recalling the biblical story of Saul, the one-time scourge of Christians, and how Saul became St. Paul on the road to Damascus.The white-maned, w … [Read More...]