Philadelphia’s “pope soap”?

The manufacturer, Duross & Langel, notes: Please forgive this bit of cheek but each bar is hand made with holy water. The money we raise through the sale of these soaps goes to Catholic Social Services Children's Bureau. An item in Philadelphia magazine adds: All proceeds from the sale of these soaps will go to Catholic Social Services. “As a baby I was placed with CSS in foster care and adopted (on the 28th of September!) by the Duross family,” explains D&L owner Steve Duross. “This i … [Read More...]


Defending Chaput: “Some in the media seem hell-bent on depicting him as disloyal to the pontiff and disdainful of his flock”

Canon lawyer J.D. Flynn, who knows the archbishop from his days in Denver, writes about him in National Review:  Chaput is among the most supportive bishops to laity in the Church’s modern history. He’s helped laity found movements dedicated to Latino leadership, to campus and youth ministry, and to the development of the “feminine genius” among young women. He’s made it a point not to direct any of those projects. He offers guidance and he helps cut through ecclesiastical red tape. In Philadelp … [Read More...]

What happened when a layman wore a cassock

Fascinating: Esquire Magazine – not a publication ChurchPOP would normally recommend reading – published a fascinating article on August 24th titled “What Happened When I Dressed Like a Priest: An investigation into the power of the uniform.” The author decided to do an experiment to test the … [Read More...]

“I find my thoughts drifting to the Sabbath…”

"And now, weak, short of breath, my once-firm muscles melted away by cancer, I find my thoughts, increasingly, not on the supernatural or spiritual, but on what is meant by living a good and worthwhile life — achieving a sense of peace within oneself. I find my thoughts drifting to the Sabbath, the d … [Read More...]

Francis: beware those who claim to be “very Catholic”

From his Angelus remarks Sunday: Pope Francis has strongly criticized Catholics who brag that they are perfect followers of the church's teachings but then criticize or speak ill of others in their faith communities, saying they cause scandal and even offer a "counter-witness" to Jesus."We all … [Read More...]

At the World Meeting of Families: How do you give communion to a million people?

View image | Here's an interesting glimpse behind the scenes, from—including a detail that has lately been making the rounds on social media: that the pope is expected to say Mass in Latin.Read on: When more than 1,500 priests and deacons descend from Pope Fra … [Read More...]

Papal kitsch didn’t begin with Pope Francis—UPDATED

A few observers have marveled that the visit of Pope Francis has sparked a rush on kitschy souvenirs:  The Archdiocese of Philadelphia, which will host the meeting, feels that the more lighthearted items are very appropriate to the fun-loving cleric and the joyfulness of the occasion, according to J … [Read More...]

Vatican says autopsy reveals disgraced former nuncio died of natural causes

From Vatican Radio, confirmation of what was reported yesterday— that former Nuncio, Jozef Wesolowski, while facing trail in sex abuse charges, died of natural causes: Following the sudden death, which occurred late on the past Thursday, August 27, of the former Apostolic Nuncio Jozef Weso … [Read More...]

What we have come to: the rich who are too busy now hire others to have their babies for them

Really?Yes: Dylan Lauren has revealed that she chose to use a surrogate to ‘start her family’ with husband Paul Arrouet because she was busy expanding her candy store to new locations across the globe The 41-year-old daughter of fashion icons Ralph and Ricky Lauren welcomed fraternal twins C … [Read More...]

New rector named to replace Robert Barron at Mundelein

From The Archdiocese of Chicago website:Blase J. Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago, today announced the appointment of Rev. John Francis Kartje as the rector / president of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake / Mundelein Seminary, effective August 28, 2015. Archbishop Cupich made the … [Read More...]

Vatican expresses pope’s gratitude to author of banned children’s book

From The Guardian: The hippos, kangaroos and penguins adorning the cover of Piccolo Uovo (Little Egg) give little hint of the political and religious storm the children’s book has caused. While following the adventures of an egg may seem harmless enough, its discovery of different family types – … [Read More...]

The Anti-Trump

It occurred to me the other day that these men represent two sides of the same coin: populist, unscripted, wildly unpredictable. Each, in his way, has turned part of the world upside down; each brings to his job a head-turning—sometimes, jaw-dropping—authenticity. Each has a penchant for breaking the … [Read More...]

Former Vatican ambassador charged with sex abuse dies

From CNN: Jozef Wesolowski, a papal ambassador and the highest-ranking Catholic official to be put on trial for child abuse charges, died in his room early Friday."Vatican authorities quickly carried out the first investigation and have established that the death was caused by natural … [Read More...]

“Fastest nun in the West” moves toward sainthood

Details: An Italian-born nun who confronted Billy the Kid, calmed angry mobs and helped open New Mexico territory hospitals and schools faced her first test for the long road to sainthood on Tuesday. Supporters and researchers presented their case before the Archdiocese of Santa Fe at a … [Read More...]

Turnabout: After backlash, Oregon school reverses policy on hiring gays

The latest on a story I posted yesterday, from The Oregonian:The St. Mary's Academy board voted Wednesday night to change the school's policy on hiring gay employees after facing backlash over the administration's decision to rescind a job offer to a gay counselor. Students and high-profile d … [Read More...]

Medjugorje awaits word from the Vatican—and the pilgrimage business takes a hit

From The New York Times:  Soon the Vatican is expected to make public the findings of its own investigation into the reported apparitions, which was concluded 18 months ago. Though the inquiry was started by Francis’ predecessor, Benedict, if the conclusions are doubtful, as some spe … [Read More...]

St. Monica, pray for us

Today is the feast day of the mother of St. Augustine.I've always loved this image of her, from the great John Nava, who created the stunning tapestries of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles.The picture here comes from the website for the Church of St. Monica in the Dio … [Read More...]

A priest faces death with faith: “I became a Jesuit to save souls, including my own”

From The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:Since being diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in late January, the Rev. John Schlegel has given away most of his books, artwork and clothes. He has visited friends in Dallas; Denver; Chicago; Omaha, Neb.; New York; London; Oxford, England; and … [Read More...]