“God, I’m a dancer! A dancer dances!”

Is he auditioning for "A Chorus Line"?The YouTube description says: "French Provincial Minister Michel Laloux expressed himself in dance during our morning Mass for the Annunciation." Because, of course, that's more important than, like, listening to the wisdom of Pope Benedict XVI, who said: It is totally absurd to try to make the liturgy “attractive” by introducing dancing pantomimes (wherever possible performed by professional dance troupes), which frequently (and rightly, from the pro … [Read More...]


Lent to go: church offers drive-thru fish fry

From The Detroit News:  On Fridays during Lent, just a little before 4 p.m., a line of cars starts to wrap around Inkster Road in Redford Township. It's not a line for a popular fast food chain, but the fish fry drive-thru at a local Catholic church.The men's club at St. Robert Bellarmine and other parishes in Metro Detroit have taken more of an unconventional approach to reel in more customers for Friday fish fries during Lent.St. Bellarmine has sponsored Friday fish fries for six … [Read More...]

This is something to see: a painting of Jesus like no other

A stunning work of prayer, creation, art...all at once.From artist David Garibaldi, just in time for Holy Week.This has been around for a few years, but even if you've seen it before, it's worth another look.People are amazing, aren't they? … [Read More...]

Woman accused of cutting baby from victim’s womb will not be charged with murder

Details: A Colorado woman accused of luring an expectant mother to a basement and cutting the baby from her belly will not be charged with murder, prosecutors said Thursday night. Catherine Olguin, a spokeswoman for the Boulder County District Attorney's Office, said prosecutors won't bring … [Read More...]

Pope Francis surprises homeless during Vatican tour: “Welcome, this is your house”

From Huffington Post:  Visitors had to leave the Sistine Chapel earlier than usual on the afternoon of March 26 -- before 4:00 p.m. -- and not because of some exclusive VIP event. A group of around 150 homeless were granted a private visit before being offered supper inside the Vatican Museums' … [Read More...]

Once again, Fortune names Pope Francis to list of “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”

They did it last year, and they've done it again. From USA TODAY:  Fortune explains, "To make this roster, it was not enough to be brilliant, admirable, or even supremely powerful (see Moisés Naím's essay on Vladimir Putin). We set out to find singular leaders with vision who moved others to act as … [Read More...]

Pope Francis: faith, not “cold doctrine,” brings joy

From Vatican Radio: It is not “cold doctrine” that brings joy, but faith, and the hope of meeting Jesus.  He who cannot rejoice is an unhappy believer: that’s what the Pope said in his homily at Thursday morning’s Mass in Santa Marta in the Vatican. Abraham’s joy upon hearing that as God promise … [Read More...]

Is there a “Francis Effect”? Let’s look at the numbers.

The research blog at CARA (Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate) at Georgetown offers some intriguing new statistics.  Among other things, the declining number Catholics over the last few decades seems to have stopped, and the Catholic retention rate appears to be holding steady: To date t … [Read More...]

Former EWTN host accused of abuse

You may remember that the man once known as Father Frances Mary Stone left EWTN several years back. Now, he's back in the news, in the middle of an ugly custody battle.From AL.com: A national group that monitors allegations of child sexual abuse by clergy has focused attention this week on t … [Read More...]

You knew this was coming: UK’s first husband-wife bishop couple

From The Telegraph:  The UK's first husband and wife team of bishops has been created with the appointment of a new Bishop of Hull.The Rev Canon Alison White, 58, is to become the Church of England’s second female bishop, but the role will mean she will see far less of her husband of 30 ye … [Read More...]

Must-see TV: the rockin’ ordination of Bishop Fernand J. Cheri

The last minute or so of this video is priceless.CNS notes: Let the record show that never before in the nearly 300-year history of St. Louis Cathedral have Catholics seen a dancing bishop. But when Bishop Fernand “Ferd” Cheri III, a Franciscan priest and native son, made his first remarks t … [Read More...]

Number of priests, permanent deacons worldwide continues to grow

From CNS: The number of Catholics in the world and the number of priests and permanent deacons rose slightly in 2013, while the number of men and women in religious orders declined, according to Vatican statistics.For the second year in a row, the number of candidates for the priesthood also … [Read More...]

Crime wave? Chalices stolen from churches in Tucson

Details: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson is asking the public for help regarding the theft of chalices from three churches this month. The chalices were taken from Our Mother of Sorrows, 1800 S. Kolb Road, on March 14; St. Ambrose, 300 S. Tucson Boulevard, on March 21; and St. Pius X, 1800 … [Read More...]

What does the priest see during Mass?

A couple of photographers decided to find out: Have you ever wondered what the priest standing at the altar sees during mass? It’s an unusual point of view, not one just anyone gets a chance to appreciate. But now, thanks to a remote-controlled camera set up behind church altars in Italy, everyone h … [Read More...]

Catholic high school requires girls to submit photos of their prom dresses for approval

View image | gettyimages.comFrom Huffington Post: A controversy over prom dresses has erupted at a Pennsylvania high school following the announcement of a new policy requiring girls to submit photographs of their dresses for pre-approval before the big event.According to the York Daily … [Read More...]

Palm Sunday and Good Friday liturgies: who reads what?

This subject comes up periodically, and just today a friend on Facebook asked a question about where he could find the gospel for this weekend broken up into parts, for several people to proclaim.It's worth a look at a 1988 document, Paschalis Sollemnitatis, which gives guidance on how to pr … [Read More...]

When nuns attack: Francis swarmed by cloistered groupies!

It happened this weekend in Naples. Beatlemania? Try Francismania.Check this out, via Rome Reports. … [Read More...]

Must-see video: “60 Minutes” report on persecuted Christians of Iraq

In a word: excellent. And heartbreaking.Just watch. … [Read More...]