“With the angels, let us sing…”—UPDATED

For those who missed it, here’s the lovely, unexpectedly moving cold open to “Saturday Night Live” last night. Access Hollywood noted: “Saturday Night Live” strayed from the comedic path for their cold open on this week’s show, opting instead for a somber performance of “Silent Night” by the New York City Children’s Chorus in light [Read More...]

Priest’s “horrible” job in Newtown: telling the parents

From ABC News: A Newtown, Conn., priest had the “horrible” job of informing families this morning that their children had been killed in the elementary school massacre. There were 20 children among the 27 people brutally killed the day Adam Lanza, 20, invaded Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire on staff and students. Lanza [Read More...]

Homily for December 16, 2012: 3rd Sunday of Advent

As some of you know, my office is located in the Catholic Center in Manhattan, on First Avenue.  On Friday they were decorating the lobby for Christmas – trimming trees and hanging lights and assembling a small wooden stable, the Nativity scene. As I was leaving work, I stopped to take a look. This Nativity [Read More...]

The deacon who preaches in glass

Meet stained glass artist, Deacon Bob Markert in the Louisville Courier-Journal:  The pounding of a mallet and the ratcheting of a ladder echoed through the front atrium of Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus on a crisp November morning. Bob Markert and Peter Eichhorn were busy installing stained-glass windows designed decades ago by Markert, filled [Read More...]

Catholic priests rush to scene of Newtown school tragedy

photo: Cloe Poisson, Hartford Courant From Catholic News Agency:  Several priests of the Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport responded quickly to the mass murder of adults and schoolchildren at a Newtown, Conn. elementary school, rushing to the scene to comfort victims and their relatives. Brian Wallace, the diocese’s director of communications, said that priests from St. [Read More...]

Horror: 18 children dead in Connecticut school shooting

Eleven days before Christmas, a nightmare.  From Associated Press:  A gunman opened fire inside a Connecticut elementary school Friday in a shooting that left 27 people dead, including 18 children, an official said. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was still under way. The shooting appeared to be the nation’s second-deadliest [Read More...]

Believe in possibility: check out this amazing one-handed basketball player

Prepare to be awed and inspired. From HuffPo:  Zach Hodskins, the 6’2″ junior guard of Milton High School’s basketball team, has competed — and won — against some of the top high school players in the country. The Georgia teen is a skilled player, despite the fact that he only has one arm. Hodskins has [Read More...]

Bobby Jindal: sell birth control over the counter

The Catholic governor of Louisiana made his recommendation in an opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal. Details:  Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican and a potential 2016 presidential candidate, has a solution for the GOP’s birth control problem: Make it over the counter. “The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists announced its support last [Read More...]

Catholic AG in Virginia calls church “the largest special group interest in America”

Details: Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a Roman Catholic, had some stinging words for church leaders in a recent speech where he said bishops have “helped create a culture of dependency on government, not God.” The 2013 Republican gubernatorial candidate offered that assessment during a wide-ranging Sept. 29 speech to the Cherish Life Ministries Christian Life [Read More...]

Do microphones muffle good preaching?

Writer Leroy Huizenga thinks so.  From First Things: I think microphones might very well injure preaching, for in preaching the microphone functions as both obstacle and crutch. The microphone is an obstacle, one more piece of complexity that can go wrong. It makes preachers tentative; the microphone is like a snake that might bite if [Read More...]

India produces a movie about Jesus: Passion of the (Hindu) Christ?

Now for something completely different. Details: Christaayan, the first Hindi production about Jesus, has been presented to the public. Situated in India, it is inspired by the country’s traditional culture. The six-hour epic was produced by Satprakashan Sanchar Kendra in Indore for the Divine Verb Society and will be broadcast nation-wide as a TV series. [Read More...]

Who is Dorothy Day?

Yesterday, I posted Part I of CNS’s profile of this future saint. Part II is below. Kudos to all concerned! [Read more...]

Atheists erect anti-Christian billboard in Times Square

The Catholic League notes: Hanukkah is currently being celebrated, but fortunately for Jews they are not being attacked by David Silverman. No, like other haters in the atheist community, the president of American Atheists saves his vitriol for Christians. Silverman’s latest assault is a huge billboard in New York’s Times Square. The decision by Silverman [Read More...]

Must-see video: a look at the sainthood cause for Dorothy Day—UPDATED

The talented Chaz Muth at CNS put this together, and it’s worth a look. It features some rare video of Dorothy Day, and interviews with those who knew her, including her granddaughter (who, I should say, bears a striking resemblance to her grandmother). The CNS website says this is Part I of a series. I [Read More...]

11 Anglican nuns to join Catholic Church in England

And they include a former C of E minister and the mother superior.  Details, from the Catholic Herald:   Eleven Anglican Sisters will be received into the Catholic Church via the ordinariate, it emerged this week. The Sisters, from the Community of St Mary the Virgin in Wantage, Oxfordshire, will be received into the Church by Mgr [Read More...]

Seattle lays out “policy refresher” regarding same sex marriage

From the Archdiocese of Seattle website, some guidelines that I suspect will soon be appearing in other parts of the country, too: With voters’ approval of Referendum 74, same-sex marriage is legal in Washington state beginning Dec. 6. Archbishop J. Peter Sartain responded to the passage of R-74 in an archdiocesan “policy refresher” sent to [Read More...]

“Never stop searching”

That’s the terrific message in this terrific video from the good folks at Google: a year-end summary of what people were searching for in 2012. What a world. Enjoy. [Read more...]

Bishop Walter Sullivan, RIP

From the Associated Press:  Former Bishop Walter F. Sullivan, a progressive leader in the U.S. Roman Catholic church and the longest-serving head of the Richmond diocese, died Tuesday. He was 84. Sullivan, who had been diagnosed with liver cancer, died at home, said Judy Lindfors, assistant editor of The Catholic Virginian. He spent the majority [Read More...]