Bone appetite: the ingredients of the McRib sandwich

You never know what the Google newsfeed will drop in your lap. Today, it was the ingredients of the mysterious McRib sandwich at McDonald’s — which, it appears, is weirder than you may think, and not just because it has a noticeable lack of bone, thus making the whole “rib” thing somewhat dubious to begin [Read More...]

Ordination update: 8 new deacons in Portland

Details: After years of prayer and study, eight married men were prepared to be ordained permanent deacons Oct. 29 in Portland’s St. Mary Cathedral. Archbishop John Vlazny said the Archdiocese of Portland is “blessed with the presence of so many men who are stepping forward to offer themselves as servants of the gospel.” “All leadership in [Read More...]

How to excommunicate someone

This Protestant pastor seems to have a flair for it: “Jesus himself tells the church to discipline those who refuse to repent of their sins and listen to him through the church.  In obedience to his command, we are handing you over to Satan and his kingdom of darkness, in hopes that you will come [Read More...]

The "offensive" complaint: Catholic University responds

“The fact is that no Muslim student at Catholic University has registered a complaint with the University about the exercise of their religion on campus. And today we learned from an article in the Washington Post that [lawyer John] Banzhaf himself has not received any complaints from our Muslim students . . . Contrary to [Read More...]

"Redemption is an open possibility to everyone"

That’s the beautiful truth that artist John Nava expresses while talking about his exquisite tapestries at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles (which I mentioned in my homily for All Saints Day.)  Below, a video where he talks more about his work, his politics, and shows off more details of those tapestries. [Read more...]

"What is required is a virtuous life of obvious holiness…"

As we mark All Saints Day, I was surprised to learn how our brothers and sisters in the East honor their saints — and how they decide who becomes one. Among other things, they don’t celebrate this feast day; they have, instead, the Sunday of All Saints, the Sunday after Pentecost. I posted something on [Read More...]

Homily for November 1, 2011: All Saints Day

If you find yourself in Los Angeles, in between going on tours to see the homes of the stars or dining at Spago, take a side trip to 555 Temple Street.  There, in a corner of the city that’s a little off the beaten track, you’ll find a home for some other stars – the [Read More...]

Happy JesusWeen?

Really?  REALLY? Yep.  Check out the website. [Read more...]

Candidate of note: ladies and gentlemen, the musical stylings of Herman Cain

When was the last time a presidential candidate was able to sing like THIS?   Whatever your political leanings, you gotta admit: Herman Cain’s got a fine set of pipes. He rocks the house at the National Press Club. [Read more...]

Quote of the day

“Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.” – Steve Jobs’ final words, according to his sister. Read her eulogy. [Read more...]

Study: Catholics more willing to share wealth

That appears to be the case in Europe, at least.  Details: Catholics are more likely to support government intervention in the economy than Protestants and also have a stronger preference for sharing wealth equally, a European Central Bank study said. The research paper also said Max Weber’s theories about the Protestant work ethic were supported [Read More...]

The changing face of Christianity in the Holy Land

It’s a face that is increasingly diverse, and foreign-born, according to his report from the AP: The schedules for Mass at the two Roman Catholic churches in Jaffa, on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, reveal a change that has dramatically, if quietly, altered the face of Christianity in the Holy Land. The two Masses in Arabic for the [Read More...]

A followup on "Women Deacons"

With people starting to wander afield, and the conversation growing increasingly acrimonious, I decided to close comments on this thread about ordaining women as deacons.  I’m passing the baton to one of the authors of the book in question, Deacon Bill Ditewig, who was more than happy to continue the conversation over at his joint.  [Read More...]

Boo: on the commercialization of Halloween

For years, people have decried the commercialization of Christmas.  Now, it’s Halloween’s turn. A priest from Bakersfield, CA takes note of this phenomenon: The Roman Catholic Church in a sense baptized numerous customs of the cultures which were converted, as long as they were not in open conflict with the gospel and doctrines of the [Read More...]

Halloween for dummies

What happens when a dummy — a real one, not just a dumb one — goes trick-or-treating? Stuff like this. As the YouTube description notes: For a Halloween Prank we dressed up a 4 foot dummy to look like a trick or treater complete with bag of candy (and a hidden microphone). Then we went [Read More...]

Herman Cain attacks Planned Parenthood for "planned genocide"

He raised the issue during an appearance today on “Face the Nation.”  Details: Planned Parenthood is fighting back against a claim by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain that abortion clinics are put in African American communities as part of a “planned genocide” to kill black babies before they are born. Cain stood by his statement [Read More...]

The new translation: "A few years down the road, most people won't even remember it happened"

A lot of secular media are beginning to report on the new Mass translation — and here’s one report with some reaction and analysis from Pittsburgh that notes an effort to have the new missal delayed: Catholics in English-speaking countries will begin using a new translation of the Mass next month with language more formal [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words

Snow! In New York City! In October! Above, the scene in Washington Square this afternoon. Happy Hall-o-winter. [Read more...]