"The miraculous healing power of lips to scars…"

If anyone wonders what it means to be married and in love after decades together, Pat Gohn has this heart-stopping and beautiful answer: Like many survivors of breast cancer, I have some serious battle scars. My un-bandaged body after breast cancer certainly made for some interesting pillow talk between my husband and myself. Going into [Read More...]

Now that's using your head…!

How long until this crops up in someone’s liturgical dance? Behold, the Guiness World Record for most number of head spins in one minute (131!) It’s nice when someone has a hobby, isn’t it? [Read more...]

Phoenix restricts reception of communion under both kinds

After eliminating female altar servers at the cathedral, the Diocese of Phoenix is now eliminating something else: wide reception of communion under both species. Details: The Diocese of Phoenix has announced that it will issue norms specifying the conditions under which Holy Communion may be distributed under both species. “The new norms will promote unity [Read More...]

A miracle for Fulton Sheen?

An investigation has begun, according to CNS: That James Fulton Engstrom celebrated his first birthday Sept. 16 is amazing. In fact, some would call his life a miracle. Considered stillborn one year ago after his mother’s healthy pregnancy and “a beautiful, short labor,” James was without a pulse for the first 61 minutes of his [Read More...]


And now, for something completely different… From the GEE-niuses at “Sesame Street,” a parody of “Glee,” saluting the letter “G.” “Don’t stop your GEE-in’ … “ [Read more...]

From the Balkans to the ghetto

The Anchoress hits the nail on the head this afternoon, as only she can: The increased Balkanization of our society — with everyone hanging out in echo chambers peopled primarily by those who agree with everyone else — is settling us into ghetto mentalities. I once had a Catholic Mom express concern to me that [Read More...]

On Fr. Pavone: his "last stand"?

That’s how Phil Lawler is characterizing the pro-life activist’s current circumstances, and he gives an interesting overview of what led to this point: The controversy that finally hit the headlines last week is a sad one, a damaging one for the pro-life movement, but not a new one. It was all too easy to see it [Read More...]

Man of the century: priest celebrates Mass for 100th birthday

A Pennsylvania priest has hit a remarkable milestone: The Rev. Harry Lewis was born the year Chevrolet started competing with the Ford Model T. He served in the military at the Battle of the Bulge, became a priest the year “All About Eve” won the best picture Oscar and retired from priesthood as Ronald Reagan’s [Read More...]

A Muslim woman who plays soccer in Utah?!

How cool is that? Details: Serene Kergaye’s religion is important to her — so important that she wears a headscarf, long sleeves and long pants even when she’s on the soccer field at Cottonwood High School. Kergaye is Muslim, and the monochromatic clothes she wears under her uniform during games don’t bother her one bit. [Read More...]

Believing in God's job creation plan

If you’re praying for work, you have plenty of company — and religion can play a role in how people view government assistance, according to a new survey: As the nation struggles with 9.1 percent unemployment and President Barack Obama pushes a $447 billion job creation bill, a new survey shows that religion plays a significant role [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words

Sign spotted in a Polish church: [Read more...]

Smile. You're beautiful!

A little girl in Brazil underwent cleft lip surgery.  What happened when she saw her face the morning after?  Just watch. [Read more...]

RIP, Dolores Hope

The widow of entertainer Bob Hope has died, at the amazing age of 102. Her obituary notes her Catholic roots: Dolores DeFina was born on May 27, 1909, in Harlem, the daughter of John Thomas DeFina and the former Theresa Kelly. She grew up in the Bronx and changed her last name to Reade when [Read More...]

Local boy makes good: New Hampshire gets a new bishop from Queens

Well, he was born in Queens, anyway. Details: New Hampshire’s 300,000 Roman Catholics have a new leader. The Vatican on Monday named the Rev. Peter Anthony Libasci to succeed Bishop John McCormack as bishop of the Diocese of Manchester. The 59-year-old Libasci is New York City native ordained in 1978 who most recently served as [Read More...]

It is finished: remarkable hand-drawn Bible goes on display

It’s quite an achievement and, as those who have seen it can attest, it is a feast for the eye.  (I gave a copy of the Psalms to my pastor as a gift for the 40th anniversary of his ordination.  It’s ravishing.) Details: It was a task of biblical proportions — drawing every letter and [Read More...]

Meet the "Running Priest"

A priest in the Philippines has become a celebrity for the courageous — and unusual — way he now draws attention to important issues. Check this out, from the BBC: Father Robert Reyes is a Catholic priest, but he is better known for putting on his running shoes and jogging around the country promoting different [Read More...]

Another Kennedy funeral

For Kara Kennedy Allen, daughter of Ted Kennedy.  Details: The funeral for Kara Kennedy, the eldest child of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, will be held Wednesday in Washington. Kara Kennedy died Friday at age 51, collapsing after her daily workout at a health club. Her family says in a statement that a wake will [Read More...]

Quote of the day, on single-sex dorms

“It’s the same as saying that since Muslims and Jews don’t get along we should force them to live apart.  Should we also have separate sex classes or separate sex parking lots?” – Lawyer John H. Banzhaf, on CUA’s decision to return to single-sex dorms. Evidently, he was serious. Read more. [Read more...]