What we've come to: "Heterosexual Pride Day"?

I mean…really? From the AP: The city council of South America’s biggest city has adopted legislation calling for a Heterosexual Pride Day to be celebrated on the third Sunday of each December. Sao Paulo Mayor Gilberto Kassab must sign the legislation for it to become law and has said only that he is studying it. [Read More...]

Finally, a water sport for the rest of us

Ladies and gentlemen: couch surfing. The only thing that would make this better?  A TV. [Read more...]

"In Catholic thinking, the right to immigration is a 'natural right'…"

“In Catholic thinking, the right to immigration is a ‘natural right.’ That means it is universal and inalienable. But it is not absolute. Immigrants are obliged to respect and abide by the laws and traditions of the countries they come to reside in. Catholic teaching also recognizes the sovereignty of nations to secure their borders [Read More...]

Remember when people just used paper?

Think weddings have gotten out of control?  Behold, the most extravagantly creative (and ridiculously over-priced) wedding invitation of the moment: a customized Viewmaster, featuring snapshots of the happy couple and delivered in a cardboard box.  You can order a hundred of these for a mere $3450.  (That doesn’t include postage, for mailing them to family [Read More...]

Our changing American church: bigger, more diverse

There are some fascinating nuggets in this look at the recent CARA report on “The Changing Face of Catholic Parishes,” — including some valuable statistics on the diaconate: The study found that lay ecclesial ministry — somewhat formally defined in recent years as working at least 20 hours a week in paid parish employment as [Read More...]

Shock: another priest suicide

Less than a month after this sad news out of Massachusetts, we’re learning of another priest who evidently took his own life in Alabama: The Archdiocese of Mobile announced the death of Rev. Ernest Hyndman, Jr., the pastor of St. Agatha Catholic Church in Bay Minette.  His body was found in the church rectory Tuesday [Read More...]

Catholic teenager fasts for Ramadan

Surprised? Read all about it: For a month last year, Jordan Pahl, 16 at the time, awoke each day before sunrise. She dragged herself out of bed at 4 a.m., trudged down the stairs and grabbed an apple or yogurt out of the refrigerator. It was to be her last bit of sustenance before nightfall. [Read More...]

Remembering a courageous pro-life homily that made history

It happened 70 years ago today: the Bishop of Munster, Germany climbed into the pulpit to condemn the Nazi’s euthanasia program.  Bishop Clemens August von Galen later became a cardinal, and was beatified in 2005.  L’Osservatore Romano takes note: The bishop did not hide from his faithful the names of certain places nor his attempts [Read More...]

New German website lets parishioners rate their priests

If this catches on here in the States, it could make life very interesting … From TIME magazine: If there’s one thing people are opinionated about besides politics, it’s religion. But most priests don’t keep comment card boxes outside their offices, and now some enterprising Germans have come up with a solution. It’s called the [Read More...]

"Truth is really important in our world today…"

That’s just part of what Mary Anne Marks told “Currents” when she visited the show a year ago and talked about her inspiring decision to join The Dominicans after graduating summa cum laude from Harvard.  (An event that garnered a lot of media attention with this jaw-dropping speech, delivered in Latin.)  A year on, she’s [Read More...]

Faith on the field: Marlins manager Jack McKeon prays before he plays

Thanks to OSV’s Mary de Turris Poust for this: a great glimpse at a man of unbending faith — from, of all places, the sports pages of the New York Times: Jack McKeon’s baseball days begin in a pew. At 8 on Tuesday morning, the Florida Marlins’ manager attended Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, less [Read More...]

Knights will bring new day to JP II Center

The troubled museum in Washington, previously owned by the Archdiocese of Detroit, will soon have new owners. From the Washington Post: After losing millions of dollars over a decade, a museum and think tank in Northeast Washington that was built to honor Pope John Paul II has found a buyer that hopes the center will [Read More...]

What's the worst church innovation of the last 50 years?

How about “crying rooms”? From All Things New: But is a crying baby really such a problem that it demands its own special room? Clearly, some priests think so. I once heard of a priest who would interrupt mass—smack in the middle of the Eucharistic Prayer—if a baby started to howl. He’d wait until the [Read More...]

Study: church attendance among women plunges

This is something to make you put down your morning coffee and say “Huh?” Details, from the Religion News Service and Huffington Post: Women, long considered the dominant pew dwellers in the nation’s churches, have shown a dramatic drop in attendance in the last two decades, a new survey shows. Since 1991, the percentage of [Read More...]

Sacked: NY principal fired over writings on race and white supremacy

The story broke over the weekend.  Yesterday, it escalated.  Today, the Archdiocese of New York took action: The principal of a Catholic elementary school in the Bronx has been fired because of his writings on race and white supremacy, the Archdiocese of New York said Tuesday. Frank Borzellieri was relieved as principal of Our Lady [Read More...]

Time capsule from 1981: imagine reading your newspaper on your computer!

Could you imagine such a thing? Check out this report from KRON 30 years ago. [Read more...]

"When people deride their bishops and priests, they undermine the Church…"

“Bishops, priests, and deacons are too often weak and sinful. They need to be held to high standards. Some deserve to be chastised. The clergy’s leadership in the Church should always be marked by humility and service, and never by a sense of entitlement. But men and women didn’t found the Church, they don’t own [Read More...]

The best movies of the last 15 years in three and a half minutes

Don’t believe me?  Just watch.  A great montage by Kees van Dijkhuizen. Pixar rocks.  It’s that simple.  Nobody does it better. [Read more...]