Quote of the day: Canada edition

“When I went to business school, part of what you learn is a culture that rewards ambition. I did a lot to unlearn that when I decided to become a priest.  I am ambitious for the higher gifts, as Saint Paul put it – primarily the gift of service.” – Fr. Thomas Dowd, age 40, [Read More...]

First thing you should know: it's Sha-POO

Not Sha-PUTT, not Sha-POOT.  (N.B.: The Philly Inky has it listed as “Sha PEW” in their story…which I guess to them seems more churchy and less naughty.) Second thing: as of tomorrow, you will be hearing his name a lot. And here’s why: Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, widely perceived both as a leader of [Read More...]

Ground Zero cross moving

The priest who worked to rescue it from oblivion will bless the cross before it moves to its new location. Details: The Ground Zero cross — two steel beams that were found standing amid the ruins of the World Trade Center — will get a permanent home this week after a brief blessing ceremony. The [Read More...]

Convalidation: making a marriage complete

As I noted yesterday, I spent the weekend down south, for a family wedding in Virginia. It was my wife’s sister, and it was her second marriage.  I went there with a lot of complicated and conflicted feelings; I’d attended her first wedding, nearly 30 years ago, celebrated at a Catholic church in Maryland and [Read More...]

Trading in a badge and gun for the cross

From Delaware comes this great story of a former New York cop (he’s the one in the middle, below) who was recently ordained a priest for Wilmington. Check it out: Newly ordained Catholic priest Anthony F. Cardone comes to the job with plenty of experience in the study of diplomacy, security and sin. A former [Read More...]

It doesn't add up: audit shows priest spent a million on personal items

Details: The year-long internal investigation into the suspected misdeeds of the popular priest at St. Leo Catholic Church in Bonita Springs is coming to a close. Southwest Florida Bishop Frank J. Dewane placed Rev. Stan Strycharz on administrative leave in late July 2010, with full pay, pending an internal investigation into several allegations about Strycharz, [Read More...]

"Respect one another, and let no man judge his neighbor…"

“Be zealous to do all things in harmony with God, with the bishop presiding in the place of God, and the presbyters in the place of the Council of the Apostles, and the deacons, who are most dear to me, entrusted with the service of Jesus Christ, who was from eternity with the Father and [Read More...]


Rocco is offering some tantalizing hints about who will be named the next Archbishop of Philadelphia — with the announcement reportedly set to drop tomorrow.  Reflecting on the supposed choice’s musical preferences, he notes: “Our next Shepherd isn’t (by his own admission) exactly a guy of high-classical taste.” And he offers this: And now, back [Read More...]

The Deacon's Buzz

Department of Shameless Self-Promotion: I was surprised and humbled to find myself mentioned in two other blogs this morning. Michael Leach, publisher emeritus of Orbis Books, tossed me onto a list of his favorite Catholic blogs (I’m breathing some rarefied air — check out the company I keep!).  Thanks, Mike! And my neighbor down the [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words: wedding edition

Bridget and Don Forcier exchange vows.  Old Town Hall, Fairfax, Virginia.  16 July 2011. Bridget is my wife’s sister. In the picture above, the man and woman closest to the camera (the woman in pink) are my in-laws — Bridget’s mom and dad. Congratulations!  Ad multos annos! [Read more...]

"When I go to confession, I sometimes mention that I'm gay…"

Here’s something altogether different and surprising: a blog post by a faithful Catholic who also happens to be gay.  Don’t think such creatures exist?  Think again. H/T New Advent. A snip: I have heard a lot about how mean the Church is, and how bigoted, because she opposes gay marriage. How badly she misunderstands gay [Read More...]

When comments close: the reaction

Thought I’d share a few more postcards from the e-mail bag, with some wide-ranging reaction to yesterday’s post about closing comments for a few days. I received a couple comments like this one, from a reader who understands why I did it: : Overall— I enjoy the many different comments on your blog—-even the caustic ones— [Read More...]

From the e-mail bag: "More and more, I find a lack of Christian charity in so many comments…"

I’m in Maryland this weekend for a family wedding, so blogging will be light.  But late last night, I got the following e-mail from a longtime reader. I think that you must be near saintly to be able to put up with so many of the comments that are placed on your blog.  I have [Read More...]

Eucharistic miracle in Minnesota?

Officials are investigating, according to this report: The mystery centers on a consecrated host that the Rev. John Echert of St. Augustine Church said fell to the floor last month during Holy Communion and turned “blood red” after being placed in a cup filled with water. It has yet to fully dissolve, he said. “It was notable enough that, [Read More...]

"A Catholic by any other name…"

Sr. Mary Ann Walsh over at the USCCB blog takes a good long look at Bill Keller’s remarks about Catholicism last week. Her stirring conclusion: The Catholic Church doesn’t totally give up anyone. Even if you’re excommunicated, it expects you to attend Mass each week, though not to participate in the sacraments. James Joyce in [Read More...]

Good news for guys like me

Science is proving what we’ve known all along: it’s not that bad being a beta. Details: From the wild to Wall Street, as everyone knows, the alpha male runs the show, enjoying power over other males and, as a field biologist might put it, the best access to mating opportunities. The beta is No. 2 [Read More...]

"Pay a little more attention to each other…"

“Don’t be angry with God or with Fr. Paul. Don’t be afraid for him. Don’t be scandalized by him. Rather, pray for him, for one-another and learn. God has placed it in our hands to seek and to make present something good from tragedy. For the mystery of Christ’s resurrection is always with us, that [Read More...]

Playing for Bob Dylan, Christina Aguilera, and God

You might think you’d never meet a serious Catholic in a popular rock band.  Think again.  And meet Ray Hermann. Details: Ray Herrmann is currently on tour, entertaining thousands of fans across Europe as the lead saxophonist and flautist for Chicago, one of the world’s longest running rock bands. A highly gifted Grammy award-winning musician [Read More...]