Worth a thousand words

New York City firefighters watch this morning’s big news in Times Square. [Read more...]

Can we forgive Bin Laden? — UPDATED

In a homily last winter, I looked at the challenge of loving our enemies and praying for our persecutors — and asked “When was the last time any of us here prayed for Osama Bin Laden?” This morning, My friend Mike Hayes poses another provocative question: can we forgive Bin Laden? For Millennials, September 11th [Read More...]

How happy are you?

In one community, the government would like to know how this whole life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is working for you. From the New York Times: When they filled out the city’s census forms this spring, the people of Somerville got a new question. On a scale of 1 to 10, they were asked, [Read More...]

Pfleger's suspension: a "slap in the face" to African Americans?

That’s the contention of the African American priest who is filling in for Pfleger at his Chicago parish. Details: The priest sent to take over for the now-suspended Fr. Michael Pfleger said he didn’t feel comfortable following the cardinal’s orders but did so because he took a vow of obedience. During a Saturday evening homily [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words: Blessed Karol the Worker

An appropriate snapshot, I think, for this day — which coincides with the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. Below, a favorite picture of a young Karol Wojtyla, our worker pope, now Blessed. [Read more...]

Live from Rome

Plucky Elizabeth Scalia nabbed a seat near the festivities and has been live-blogging the big event. Check out her impressions, updated throughout the day, over at The Anchoress. [Read more...]

Homily for May 1, 2011: 2nd Sunday of Easter

With all the attention focused on the royal wedding the last few days, it would be easy to overlook another global event this weekend: the beatification of Pope John Paul. I wanted to spend a little time this morning talking about him – and, in particular, about a key part of his life that I [Read More...]

"I will see you in the light of a thousand suns…"

The NADD convention wrapped up Friday night with a mass and dinner at the cathedral, capped off by a performance by the great Beth Nielsen Chapman (if memory serves,  no less an authority than Elton John has proclaimed her his favorite songwriter.) That’s her below, with her son, who accompanied her on guitar. She may [Read More...]

It's a NADD, NADD world

You may have noticed things have been quiet around these parts.  I spent Friday in Nashville at the annual convention of the National Association of Diaconate Directors (NADD), where I gave a talk on social media and the ministry of charity. It was a great event, with a couple hundred deacons and deacon directors mulling [Read More...]

A royal homily about getting married "in the spirit of a generous God"

Beautiful sentiments from the homily at the royal wedding this morning (and if you have to ask “whose wedding?,” roll over and go back to sleep…).  From the ever-vigilant Frank Weathers, a snip:   “In a sense every wedding is a royal wedding with the bride and the groom as king and queen of creation, [Read More...]

Counting the cost of China's one-child policy

It may be having an impact that extends further, and deeper, than some people realize. The Wall Street Journal notes: Is one really best? New census data from China suggest the economic costs of Beijing’s one-child policy are more serious than the government is prepared to acknowledge. The government claims the fertility rate, the number [Read More...]

Meet Maryknoll's bicycle priest

They may be looking for bike blessings in New York this weekend, but here’s a priest offering blessings by bike every day: Imagine 150 million people on land the size of Iowa. Part of the country doesn’t have any infrastructure. The people are predominately Muslim with a large Hindu minority in a country that is [Read More...]

Double life: priest gets three years for stealing a million dollars for Armani and male escorts

It happened in Connecticut: A Roman Catholic priest from Waterbury who stole more than $1 million in church money and spent it on male escorts, Armani clothes and nights out at gay bars has been sentenced to three years in prison. A plea of no contest was entered on behalf of The Rev. Kevin Gray, 65, [Read More...]

Flash: Pfleger suspended

Late today, Cardinal Francis George issued a sharply worded letter on the case of Fr. Michael Pfleger.  The controversial Chicago priest — and outspoken Obama-backer — can no longer function as a priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Details: Citing what he called threats from the Rev. Michael Pfleger to leave the church, Cardinal Francis [Read More...]

Pedaling faith: New York City's "Blessing of the Bikes"

This annual gathering will take place this weekend at New York’s Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine.  You can find out more about it right here. Earlier, I wrote about blessing houses.  So why not bikes? Check out the video below. [Read more...]

Gingrich blasts "fanaticism of the secularists" at prayer breakfast

The convert and likely candidate for President was the keynote speaker at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast this morning. One early review: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich delivered the keynote speech at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast Wednesday morning. If the audience’s reaction is any indicator, he’ll have to do a lot more to woo religious [Read More...]

More views from the Vigil

If you haven’t gotten enough of Easter, and caught some of these pictures the other day, you can find a whole gallery of my parish Easter Vigil over at this link. Alleluia. And kudos, again, to Niranjan Fernando, the photographer. [Read more...]

Soldiers push for a chaplain for atheists

I know: it sounds like a headline from The Onion.  But it’s true. From the New York Times: In the military, there are more than 3,000 chaplains who minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of active duty troops, regardless of their faiths. The vast majority are Christians, a few are Jews or Muslims, one [Read More...]