Quote of the day

“I worked with Father Shawn Ratigan for two years. My children were around him. I knew him. For all I know, there’s pictures on his computer of my children. That’s a possibility. But it doesn’t change my support of the bishop.” – Nathan Lewis, supporting embattled Kansas City Bishop Robert Finn. Read more and see [Read More...]

Ordination update: 14 new deacons in Tulsa

Oklahoma?  Ok! The beautiful shot below is from last weekend’s ordination.  What a marvelous way to mark Pentecost! The diocese has a great Facebook page with a gallery of pictures, too. Check ‘em out. Congratulations, brothers! Ad multos annos! [Read more...]

Ordination update: a dozen new deacons for New York City

A reader alerted me to this item in Catholic New York, featuring biographies of the men scheduled to be ordained last weekend. How’d it go?  Anybody got any pictures? Ad multos annos, gentlemen! [Read more...]

Making a little history: meet the world's shortest man

The folks who keep track of these things set out to measure him recently.  Check out the video below.  I have to say, there’s something endearing and sweet about his smile.  This is a guy who doesn’t seem perturbed by the challenge God has given him. Details: Weighing 11 pounds and standing just under 2 [Read More...]

Boston priest assures gay Catholics "you are welcome here…"

Controversy has been swirling around a Boston parish that was planning to host a mass tied to Gay Pride Month. This weekend, the pastor spoke out — and alluded to the controversy – during his homily: Sunday Mass at St. Cecilia’s Church in the Back Bay brought the first standing ovation any parishioner could remember. During [Read More...]

Detroit priest defies archbishop, celebrates mass with "many serious liturgical abuses"

The gathering of the American Catholic Council in Detroit this weekend earned a sharp rebuke from the Archdiocese Sunday, and threats of an investigation. Details, from the Detroit Free Press (H/T to Diane at Te Deum): The top Catholic leader in Michigan slammed a big liberal Mass today in Detroit, saying it had significant abuses [Read More...]

Two brothers ordained priests the same day

When was the last time this happened? Details: Bishop Kevin Rhoades ordained Deacons Matthew Coonan and Terrence “Tink” Coonan, Jr.  into Catholic priesthood in a ceremony Saturday morning. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Fort Wayne was packed for the ordination. The brothers both hold bachelor’s degrees in sacred theology and master of divinity [Read More...]

The face of hope

The staff of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has posted on her Facebook page the first images of her since that horrific shooting in January.  They include the picture below. AP Photo/southwestphotobank.com, P.K. Weis Details: The photos were taken on May 17 by photojournalist P.K. Weis of SouthwestPhotoBank.com, a longtime photographer for the now-defunct Tucson Citizen who [Read More...]

A blast from the past: "We are one in the Spirit…"

Haven’t heard this in years, but stumbled on this version by the great Christian group “Jars of Clay.” This hymn used to be a staple at mass when I was in high school — and not so very long ago, it was sung at Pentecost and for confirmations, too. Its musical merits are debatable, but [Read More...]

Words of wisdom: "See the potential gift."

“A couple of years ago, I spent a bunch of time in Tibet and I came home. And I went to go get my mail. My mailbox is at the end of my street, so I parked my car and started pulling my chair out. And this little girl rode by, probably like 6 years [Read More...]

Men of steel: number of deacons more than doubles in Pittsburgh

A reader sent me the picture below: dalmatics and stoles awaiting their deacons before today’s ordination in Pittsburgh. The local paper did a nice write-up about the diaconate recently, noting: “The full vision and mission of the diaconate as a ministry of service can be manifested in a variety of ways,” said Deacon Stephen Byers, [Read More...]

Homily for June 12, 2011: Pentecost Sunday

This Sunday, we celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and the great birthday of the Church, Pentecost.  It may be one of the most neglected of the church’s feast days.  We don’t hang lights, as we do at Christmas, and we don’t wear fancy hats or eat lots of candy, as we do at [Read More...]

Ordination update: three new deacons in Venice

That would be the one in Florida, not the one in Italy. Details: John Robert Gaitens, James Hanks and Leonardo Pastore reached the altar of Epiphany Cathedral by very different paths. Through their passionate belief in their faith and with the support of their wives, children, family and friends, they arrived to be ordained as [Read More...]

My neighbor, Anthony Weiner — UPDATED

Rep. Anthony Weiner represents my district in Queens — the 9th Congressional District — and, in fact, he lives within the boundaries of my parish, with a modest two-bedroom co-op just two blocks from our church. Recently, the home was put up for sale (but reportedly taken off the market last week).  A local real [Read More...]

What if we acted in real life the way we do on Facebook?

The result might look like this amusing video below, created to promote a new opera in London about online relationships. [Read more...]

Priest cancels planned reading of Quran during mass

It made headlines and sparked a firestorm of controversy when the news broke last week.  Now, the event has been scrapped: A plan to allow for the reading of the Quran from the pulpit during a Mass at St. Peter Church in Charlotte June 26 has been canceled, with an interfaith dialogue planned for October [Read More...]

"I wrestle being part of a church that is sometimes unable to preach the justice it professes…"

That was part of the potent and challenging message of a Catholic priest and theologian who spoke at a recent conference for chaplains in Milwaukee. Details: To achieve a genuine sense of unity within the Catholic Church, parishioners throughout the country need to embrace diversity and put aside prejudices, according to Fr. Bryan Massingale. An [Read More...]

Poll: most say they can disagree with key teachings and remain in the Church

That holds true for both Catholics and evangelicals, it seems. Details: Significant majorities of Americans say it is possible to disagree with their religion’s teachings on abortion and homosexuality and still remain in good standing with their faith. The findings, released Thursday (June 9) in a detailed survey by Public Religion Research Institute, held true [Read More...]