World Youth Day: Michael Voris not approved by us

Blogger and writer Patrick Madrid uncovered this news and describes it as “perhaps unprecedented”: the organizers of WYD have officially disavowed any connection with one of the people appearing there. From the WYD web site: WYD Cultural Program Participants Must Be Endorsed by Bishops’ Conferences It has come to our attention that Michael Voris, a [Read More...]

I don't think this is in the Book of Blessings

From Nashville, the pre-race prayer at the Nascar Nationwide series race last weekend. [Read more...]

Thanks for the tip!

Helpful advice from a pizzeria: See some other great tips here. [Read more...]

Clergy group invokes "fraternal correction" on American priests

After a statement supporting the dissident priest Fr. R0y Bourgeois got prominent play in the New York Times this weekend, a group of Catholic clergy has released a rare public statement of “fraternal correction.” The press release: Motivated out of the loving bond of brotherhood between all men in Holy Orders, the Confraternity of Catholic [Read More...]

BREAKING: Vatican ambassador to Ireland recalled to Rome

Details: The Vatican has recalled its ambassador to Ireland following accusations that the Vatican sabotaged efforts by Catholic bishops to report clerical sex abuse cases to police. Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore summoned papal ambassador Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza two weeks ago and demanded an official response from the Vatican. The Vatican has said it will issue [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words: "planking" at St. Peter's

This is truly inspired, caught on a friend’s Facebook page …click to enlarge. [Read more...]

"I'm getting more comments that are just plain rude…"

The virus of hateful commenting seems to have infected a lot of otherwise tranquil corners of the blogosphere — including the very fine blog of Msgr. Charles Pope, in the Archdiocese of Washington. He writes: I DO appreciate vigorous and honest discourse and am undisturbed that disagreements are frankly aired. But there comes a line [Read More...]

You need a lot of balls to play here

Seriously.  The world’s highest tennis court, in Dubai. Read all about it. [Read more...]

New "ministers" performing same sex weddings

So says the New York Daily News, which reported on this unfortunate phenomenon yesterday. Details: John DeLamar will stand before two of his closest friends tomorrow and proudly pronounce them newlyweds. The 29-year-old has not officiated at a wedding before, and never had ambitions to become a minister, but New York‘s same-sex marriage bill changed [Read More...]

Tweeting at funerals?

Last week, Bishop Christopher Coyne of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis had a few things to say about tweeting in church. He had heard on the radio that a number of people were tweeting at the celebrity-studded funeral of Myra Kraft, wife of Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. And he was justifiably appalled: [Read More...]

Three sets of parents attempt to name their babies "Lucifer"

As a result, that name is one of several that are now legally unacceptable in New Zealand. Details: The devilish name has been effectively banned by the New Zealand names registrar after three sets of parents had the name denied, says The West Australian. In the past two years there have been 102 rejected names, [Read More...]

Too hot? Here's something cool

From those geniuses in Japan: how to quickly cool a hot car without waiting for the a/c to do the job.  You roll down the window on one side, and use the car door on the other side to “fan” the hot air out the open window.  Don’t believe it?  Just watch.  You can thank [Read More...]

On Mary Magdalene, the media, and mercy

Yesterday marked the feast of St. Mary Magdalene — and the Archbishop of Los Angeles offered a beautiful, surprisingly timely reflection. Here’s Archbishop Jose Gomez, from The Tidings: God is kind and merciful. There is no one who is beyond the pale of his redemption. There is no one whom God cannot redeem and use [Read More...]

Quote of the day: the pope on Norway

The pontiff sent condolences to Norway’s King Harald, following yesterday’s horrific attacks. The pope’s message, in part: “His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI offers fervent prayers for the victims and their families, invoking God’s peace upon the dead and divine consolation upon those who suffer.” “At this time of national grief he prays that all Norwegians [Read More...]

Homily for July 24, 2011: 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The gospel we just heard has some surprising comparisons to the Kingdom of God – a kingdom that isn’t measured in acres, or miles, or limited by any kind of geography we might imagine.  It is a kingdom, in fact, whose size could be small enough to hold in your hand, or bury in a [Read More...]

New York Times: Vatican being "challenged" on women priests

A key player, according to the report in the New York Times, is Fr. Ray Bourgeois, pictured below at the attempted ordination of a woman a couple years ago. Details: More than 150 Roman Catholic priests in the United States have signed a statement in support of a fellow cleric who faces dismissal for participating [Read More...]

Is this the new face of terror?

Below, photos of the man now in custody in connection with yesterday’s horrific attacks in Norway. Details: The Norwegian charged with going on a killing spree in which at least 91 people died is a former member of a populist anti-immigration party who wrote blogs attacking multiculturalism and Islam. The suspect, detained after 84 people [Read More...]

Diocese submits bid to buy Crystal Cathedral

A couple weeks back, we learned the Diocese of Orange was considering investing in the property.  Yesterday, it made a cash offer. From the Los Angeles Times: A Roman Catholic diocese made a $50 million cash offer to buy Southern California’s financially struggling Crystal Cathedral, officials said Friday. The Diocese of Orange said its proposal [Read More...]