Synod: What about married priests?

As people take a closer look at the working paper for the upcoming Synod, one issue about marriage and family life that is notably absent is the question of married priests.  I knew a few people who were wondering if this topic would come up—or if the bishops might even decide to explore the unresolved [Read More...]

Ordination update: 14 new deacons for Raleigh

Details:  On Saturday, June 28, 2014, at 10 a.m., the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge ordained 14 men to the Permanent Diaconate in a ceremony at Saint Michael the Archangel Church in Cary. The men have prepared for this ministry for five years. The men ordained were: Robert Lawrence Bridwell Gerardo Chavez Louis Philip Clark [Read More...]

Retired Austrian bishop warns Eucharist is in danger of “drying up,” calls for “courageous discussions” on celibacy

From The Tablet in London: Bishop Helmut Krätzl, a former auxiliary in Vienna, has warned that the Eucharist is in danger of “drying up”. In two interviews on the occasion of his diamond jubilee as a priest, he called on bishops to take up the Pope’s request “to make courageous suggestions” in order to stop [Read More...]

The bigotry of Ronald Lindsay at Huffington Post—UPDATED

The last acceptable prejudice rears its head again: In its decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., the Supreme Court has decided that the religious beliefs of employers, including closely held corporations, take precedence over the rights of employees to necessary medical care. The specific medical care to which the employers objected was certain [Read More...]

Scenes from Sacramento

A reader has helpfully sent along these images from the recent deacon ordination in Sacramento: [Read more...]

Faith of our fathers: son of a deacon celebrates first Mass, with his father by his side

From the Charlotte News Herald:  Father Paul McNulty celebrated his first Mass June 29 at St. Patrick Cathedral in Charlotte. His father, Deacon Brian McNulty, chanted the Gospel reading at Mass and assisted Father Paul at the altar during his first Mass. Father Joshua Voitus delivered the homily. Father McNulty’s chalice was a gift from [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words: what cool dads do

If this isn’t worth a thousand words, nothing is. From a web page devoted to “Classy People from the Past Who Remind Us What ‘Cool’ Is” comes this memorable picture of the most powerful man in the world carrying his daughter’s doll.  I’d never seen this before. I’ll never forget it now. [Read more...]

Ordination update: 6 new deacons for San Diego

Details:  Before ordaining six men to the permanent diaconate, retired Bishop Robert H. Bromreflected on the vocation to which they have been called. All Christians have the “common vocation” of “love in response to love,” Bishop Brom explained in his homily June 6 at St. Gabriel Parish in Poway. But, he added, “Deacons are called from among the [Read More...]

ISIS declares Islamic state across Syria and Iraq; human rights group reports rebels being crucified

From CNN:  Emboldened by a weakened Iraqi government that is struggling to stop their murderous advance, the extremists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria declared over the weekend that they have set up a caliphate spanning large areas of the two countries. In a newly released audio message and written statement, purportedly from [Read More...]

“Are you a clergy member, or is this just a costume?”

From The Wisconsin State Journal: On May 17, police arrested two people for trespassing and disorderly conduct at Volk Field, a military facility about 90 minutes northwest of Madison. One was a priest, or so it seemed. “Are you really a clergy member, or is this just a costume?” the Rev. Jim Murphy remembers the [Read More...]

A new priest’s Mass of Thanksgiving

And the marathon of Masses continues. After his ordination and first Mass of Thanksgiving yesterday, Fr. Jeremy Canna ventured north, into Queens, to celebrate a Mass at my parish, where he spent his pastoral year in 2011-2012. He spent some quality time in the sacristy with my pastor, Bishop Paul Sanchez. His chalice, a gift [Read More...]

A dad’s Sunday psalmody, from “Frozen”

The virus that is the score from “Frozen” has now infected fathers. And it’s hilarious. [Read more...]

Ordination update: 19 new deacons for Sacramento

A reader alerted me to this yesterday, but I haven’t seen any pictures or official reports yet.  (Anybody have any pictures?) But here’s the scoop from the diocesan website: The Diocese of Sacramento will welcome 19 men into the permanent diaconate during their ordination Mass on Saturday, June 28 at 11 a.m. in the Cathedral [Read More...]

A priest—or two or three—in the family

An impressive vocation story from Pennsylvania:  Kyle Sahd was in the second grade, preparing for his first Holy Communion at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Columbia, when he thought about the wonder of the sacraments, and how he might want to become a priest. His teacher, Sister Anna Cosgrove, “got us interested in the [Read More...]

Deacons to be ordained to serve the Mayans of Mexico

A reader sent this bit of news my way: Late last month Mexican Bishop Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel announced that after a 14 year church-ordered suspension of the rite, indigenous deacons would again be ordained in the Diocese of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas—where the local church serves a largely Maya population. A rare reversal in church [Read More...]

Scenes from an ordination

What a day. The Diocese of Brooklyn ordained 13 men to the priesthood today in a ceremony that stretched nearly three hours. The setting—the newly-consecrated Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph—was packed; the place seats about 1400 and there were a lot of standees in the back. It was a glorious liturgy, though. Below, some highlights. I [Read More...]

A great day for Brooklyn

Today, we welcome 13 new priests for the diocese, the largest ordination class in the United States. One of the men being ordained is my friend Jeremy Canna.  I look forward to serving at his Mass of Thanksgiving tonight, and receiving one of his first priestly blessings before I proclaim the gospel. A guy I’ve thought [Read More...]

In the email: “Do children no longer have to be baptized with saints’ names?”

A reader writes:  In our parish, the two youth ministers are Heather and Austin. Last Sunday Father baptized a Tiffany,a Madison, and a Greysen. I remember when my children were being baptized in the ’80′s Father made a point of saying that the names were “approved” as they were saint’s names. And I remember a [Read More...]