Continuing on the theme of creation in 3 Nephi—to identify it and apply it to myself. First, the earth cleaved. In that destruction, Matter Organized. Next in Chapters 8 and 9, thick darkness prevailed. Darkness: Firmament Divided When the earth shifting ceased, darkness prevailed for three days. And it came to pass that there was thick darkness upon all the face of the land, insomuch that the inhabitants thereof who had not fallen could feel the vapor of darkness; And there could be no… Read more

Have you ever considered the pattern of creation followed in 3 Nephi during the Savior’s ministry to the people?  As I thought about the chaos and darkness, then subsequent light, the notion that it followed a creation patterned dawned on me. First, the earth cleaved. Chaos and Destruction: Matter Organized As if mourning the God of Creation’s crucifixion, horrific storms wreaked havoc on the Americas. 3 Nephi 8 and 3 Nephi 9 catalog the disasters the enabled Mormon to categorically state… Read more

Laman was such a murmurer. Why? One day I noticed that before he angrily criticized Nephi’s leadership role, the Lord had given Laman the same opportunity to step up and be the leader. The Road to Murmuring Laman’s dissonance began after being embarrassed by his father’s prophetic calling. But he still followed his father into the wilderness! Faced with the same unfolding scenario, Nephi asked God for confirmation that his father was a prophet. Nephi repeatedly asked for, and received,… Read more

Three-year-old Rockwell didn’t seem convinced that you could love mean monsters into kindness even with his amazing powers as a superhero. But I emphatically promised he could. “Well, what if the monster does this to me?” He proceeded to pretend to scratch his face ferociously. “Grab the monster and give it a big superhero hug!” I responded.  He looked like I’d lost my mind.  His mom Jill chimed in, “We are kind to everyone! Even monsters.  Maybe the monster is… Read more

The Act of Thomas tells the story of a heavenly prince who agrees to descend to earth on a dangerous quest to retrieve a pearl from a deadly dragon. As the prince prepares to leave, his father, the king, pleads with him to remember his mission and resist distractions. His mother, the queen, takes his glorious, heavenly robe. She promises to keep it safe for his return and kisses him goodbye. He transitions to earth and determines his strategy.  He is so… Read more

Before wood was flown to St. Lawrence Island (at great expense,) Yupik families lived in homes constructed of cavernous whale heads and bones. The same whale’s meat sustained the village and its blubber provided fuel. I listened, fascinated, to a lecture on whales and whaling by Bathsheba Demuth, assistant professor of history at Brown University specializing in environmental history, Russian & North American Arctic climate and energy.   She described the interconnectedness between Yupik people and whales. She spoke of the… Read more

I woke up perplexed.  I usually complete my sleep cycles before I awaken, but I was still fully immersed in a dream as I meandered into consciousness. I wandered the front area of a home I didn’t recognize.  Passing family photos and memorabilia, I entered a room where a five or six-year-old girl played on the floor. She seemed content as she played alone. Since she looked down at her hands, her blonde hair hid her face. In my dream,… Read more

Women are powerful creators.  We can create drama and chaos and we can create synergy and expansion. I love watching women expand and synergize! One friend, Kim, passionately loves surfing.  When she moved to Ewa Beach, Hawaii, she willingly offered to help everyone who didn’t know how learn to surf.   Another woman, Tabbi, became Kim’s visiting teacher. For their visits, they met on the water and surfed together.  They decided Wednesday was their surf day. As new, interested people moved into… Read more

I continue to be impacted by one of President Russell M. Nelson’s statements at General Conference. We see faithful women who understand the power inherent in their callings and in their endowment and other temple ordinances. These women know how to call upon the powers of heaven to protect and strengthen their husbands, their children, and others they love. These are spiritually strong women who lead, teach, and minister fearlessly in their callings with the power and authority of God!… Read more

In April 2018 General Conference, President Russell M. Nelson prophetically stated that “in coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.”  He pled with Latter-day Saints to increase our spiritual capacity to receive revelations. As I considered the implications presented by his startling statement, I felt led to learn about some ancient day martyrs for truth. Polycarp dropped into my lap. John the Revelator, purportedly, ordained… Read more

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