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Great Awakening?

These are difficult days for faith in America.  On one hand, we are experiencing a Great Religious Recession, an end of conventional church; on the other, it seems that nostalgic, fundamentalist, and authoritarian forms of religion are on the rise. If those are the only options, we are all in trouble.  But, as I explore [Read More…]

Ashes to ashes….

Today is Ash Wednesday, the day that we remember we come from the earth and shall return to the earth.  Everything is connected.  We live as part of creation, not above or separate from it. A blue grass song to help you embrace the day–and perhaps think about Ash Wednesday differently than you have in [Read More…]

Does the Church Have a Future?

Not long ago, a producer at Day1 asked about my brand new book, Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening. “Does the Church have a future?” he asked.  And the Day1 folks pointed a camera at me and caught this impromptu reflection. I hope you find it [Read More…]

War on Religion? President Obama, Catholics, and Everybody Else

It’s war. At least according to some, President Obama has declared a war on religion.  This is the latest attack designed to make the President look like an infidel. In the last four years, the President’s opponents have branded him: 1) a liberal Christian; 2) a follower of liberation theology; 3) a secret Muslim; and [Read More…]