Great Awakening?

These are difficult days for faith in America.  On one hand, we are experiencing a Great Religious Recession, an end of conventional church; on the other, it seems that nostalgic, fundamentalist, and authoritarian forms of religion are on the rise.

If those are the only options, we are all in trouble.  But, as I explore in my new book, Christianity After Religion, the hints of a new spiritual awakening are all around us.  This awakening, however, is rather different than those in the past.  Not an evangelical event, not based in traditional revivalism, this Great Awakening can be discovered in all faith communities in a new quest for experiential faith.  In order to understand what is happening in American religion, we need to see in new ways.

Check out this interview from Darkwood Brew, as I talk about the contours of a Fourth Great Awakening.  A Great Awakening: Interview with Diana Butler Bass

  • Janet L. Bohren

    Just a note that it takes 30 seconds or more to load the video and you don’t realize it is loading until it finally opens up. I have a fairly fast computer. The first time I went out to the site the video did not come up. I tried a couple of more times because I was sure it was there and it suddenly came up. Don’t know if that is just my machine or if it is the way the video loads.
    Either way, it is a very interesting video and certainly invites one to dig into your book.
    Janet Bohren

  • Marc Grecco

    There is a Great Awakening occurring right now in the World. It is not a Christian experience, it is a Universal experience. We as a planet have entered into a part of our Universe and Galaxy which is heating up our Solar System in many ways. There is a great change happening. You can see it and feel it all around you and inside you. Just allow it to happen. A New Heaven and a New Earth. We are entering into Oneness….

  • Jeff White

    Great video. I think what is happening is that people are finally getting tired of all the Cartesian thinking that has so greatly characterized our religion in the past. We have spent so much time defining ourselves in opposition to the ‘other’ that now we find ourselves in a theological flatland devoid of personal depth. Opening up in dialogue with our inner selves and the ‘other’ through the language of spiritual experience is the future of Christianity.

    To quote Bruno Barnhart, “…the recovery of a truly experiential relationship to the event of Christ in our time involves the rediscovery — or, better, a new birth — of sapiential understanding and sapiential theology, with a new scope and power. As we work toward rediscovering the wisdom and the power of God in the Christ-event today, we are on the threshold of a sapiential gospel.”

    • Rev. Jacki Belile, CPC

      Jeff – I REALLY appreciated your comment. Can you give a citation for this quote?

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