Great Awakening?

These are difficult days for faith in America.  On one hand, we are experiencing a Great Religious Recession, an end of conventional church; on the other, it seems that nostalgic, fundamentalist, and authoritarian forms of religion are on the rise.

If those are the only options, we are all in trouble.  But, as I explore in my new book, Christianity After Religion, the hints of a new spiritual awakening are all around us.  This awakening, however, is rather different than those in the past.  Not an evangelical event, not based in traditional revivalism, this Great Awakening can be discovered in all faith communities in a new quest for experiential faith.  In order to understand what is happening in American religion, we need to see in new ways.

Check out this interview from Darkwood Brew, as I talk about the contours of a Fourth Great Awakening.  A Great Awakening: Interview with Diana Butler Bass

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