Happy Birthday, Deacon Greg

Today, we celebrate the birth of pundit, deacon and Gemini, Greg Kandra. Greg’s one of my personal heroes, for three reasons: 1) he is sincerely and completely committed to serving God; 2) he’s worked as a real, live media guy; and 3) his blog, the Deacon’s Bench, gets hit like a ten-dollar hooker. For him, I offer this classic tribute from the golden age of black-and-white film:

YouTube Preview Image

((The “Happy birthday” stuff starts at about 01:30)

Anyway, like Alfalfa and the gang sing to Mr. Hood, happy birthday, Greg. Hope you’ve got something special and memorable planned.

  • Deacon Greg Kandra

    I’m all ferklempt! :-) Thanks, Max.

    And here’s to hoping and praying that you, too, will soon find yourself getting “hit like a ten-dollar hooker.” What blogger could ask for anything more?



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  • Max Lindenman

    You know it, daddy. I’m hoping Instapundit deals my blog the equivalent of a working-over with a leather sap.

    Seriously, Greg, I hope you have a wonderful anniversary, with nobody giving your frogs or eating your food.

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  • http://Seafarershouse.org Deacon Ron


    Congratulations my friend.


  • Mary

    Happy Birthday, Deacon Greg!