Lego Advent Calendar

All right, you happy culture warriors, keep your powder dry. Wait until Thanksgiving before you start kvetching about how Christmas is turning back into Saturnalia. Better yet, wait until you check out the Lego Advent calendar.

It’s fun, it’s liturgical year-friendly. One sells on Amazon for $38 — almost exactly what a carton of Pall Malls costs at the Pima reservation in Scottsdale.

On every day of the season, kids get to open a new window and claim a new block or figurine. On every day of Lent, the ingenious Christian parent could deepen her child’s understanding of sacrifice by locking one back up. (Yes, I know — I’m advertising my ignorance about kids and parenting: by Ash Wednesday, two-thirds of the pieces will have been lost or swallowed. Work with me. I’m just trying to get everyone’s creative juices flowing.)

What, Star Wars isn’t Christian enough? Fine, then. Write the Lego Group demanding they produce play sets that approximate any of the following scenes:

The Massacre of the Innocents

The Roman Circus

St. Jerome Writes a Letter in Which He Totally Bitches Somebody Out

Pope Adrian VI Downsizes the Papal Staff to the Jeers of the Roman Mob

Martin Luther Marries a Nun

The D├ęcadent Poets Suddenly Get Religion

Chesterton Spaces out in a Railway Station

The Inklings Sit Around and Read Stuff

Flannery O’Connor Goes to the Hospital.

That ought to show ‘em

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Running in Bursa
Lent and the Lame Evangelist
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  • Martin T.

    What’s to complain? It has animals, Wookie, soldiers to chase the Holy Family: Hans/Joseph, Leia/Mary and baby Luke. One of the wise men, Yoda and Jabba the Hut as Herod.

    What more could you want?

  • Martin T.

    OH ! Forgot that C3po and R2D2 are the other two wise men. A complete set. Merry Christmas, may the force be with you.

  • Rebecca

    Better than the stale chocolate flavored candy we had in ours.

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    Thanks again for your sharing my friend. You may be older on the outside but I’m sure your mind is as young as ever. All the best.

  • Quid est veritas

    The Roman Circus could be cool. I thing Playmobil has one of those, but they don’t have any martyrs; just gladiators and lions and tigers and bears.
    I always kinda liked the ones where you made a Christmas village or Santa’s workshop.
    But at my church, they used to do something kind of cool. A whole corner up in front of one of the side altars was blocked off. The nuns would turn it into the fields surrounding Bethlehem and the city itself. Every week they’d change it so that there were more things: first week, vegetation and buildings, second week, animals, third week shepherds and villagers doing shepherd-y and villager-y things, fourth week Mary and Joseph would start travelling toward the stable.
    One year I remember them doing a waterfall made out of wax.

  • Nina Evans

    It beats a creche populated with characters from the Simpsons. I saw this monstrosity at a seminary outside of Pittsburgh, PA in 1992.

  • Patrick

    I have a little nephew who will so go for this!!!

  • Kathleen

    I bought this in August and my eight-year-old has been counting the days til we get it out of storage. This makes me reflect on how my parenting has changed with each of my two boys. The elder (now 17) looks forward to hearing our CD of beautiful Christmas and Advent music from St.Joseph’s Seminary. The younger one, the LEGO Advent calendar. There is room for both in our home. Roll on Advent!

  • jkm

    A creche populated by Simpsons?? DOH!! How could I have missed that one? So far, my favorite creche in a large collection of tackiness is the Veggie Tales version, because there ain’t no sheep like French pea sheep, and Laura Carrot sings like an angel. But this LEGO Advent calendar is going to make one 37-year-old boy really happy with his mom, so I am in your debt forever.

    And sign me up for Chesterton Spaces Out in a Railroad Station and The Inklings Sit Around and Read Stuff. Flannery O’Connor Goes to the Hospital is clearly more of a Lenten meditation.

  • Marie Bernadette

    Merry Christmas to my nephew next year! And his aunt would definitely appreciate “Chesterton Spaces out in a Railway Station”, someone get on that…