The Catholic Liberal’s Lament

Is Obama a moron, or evil Lord Sauron?
Here Catholic opinion’s divided:
His accomodations of abominations
Are being quite roundly derided.

With bowdlerized cusses, George Weigel now fusses
O’er relativists and their schemes.
“No way” from Chaput creates great ado;
Defiance becomes the new meme.

Scalia, so sorely, sings “Roddy McCorley”
And stirs up the echoes of Easter.
“It’s worse,” Mark Steyn glowers. “It’s Tyburn, the Tower,”
“And King Hal’s big boot up your keister.”

Obama’s no hero; but still we’ve got zero
Commitment to Governor Mitt.
Santorum’s mission to mandate fruition,
We must say, does spook us a bit.

Our friend Sr. Carol is over a barrel;
She couldn’t get change for a nickel.
Despite his last column, Dionne’s not the golem
To punch us all out of this pickle.

Michael Sean Winters is telling the printers
This year he’ll make do with no ballot.
That leaves you, Kmiec, to pick us off the deck.
Here comes the pitch — PLEASE DON’T FOUL IT!

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