Praying for Jennifer Fulwiler and Breaking the Gadget


When I wrote this piece, all the news I’d received on Jennifer Fulwiler’s condition had been encouraging. For that reason, I gave myself leave to take a detour from the ongoing drama of her illness to broader questions of how social media affect the way people interact. However, since then, I’ve learned she’s taken a turn for the worse. How much worse I can’t say. What is clear is that an angle that seemed appropriate a few minutes ago, no longer does. For that reason, I’m removing the piece, and replacing it with my plea for prayers for the Fulwiler family.

My thesis was that Christians, recognizing something unique in human beings that technology can’t duplicate, can hope to resist the dehumanizing effects of social media use. Here’s where I put my money where my mouth is.

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  • Chrysalis FX

    Having read the original piece; I have to say I’m sad to see it go as you’ve made some very insightful and valid points there. But I respect your decision.

  • Starfish

    Please let Jennifer know that a shower, no a downpour of prayers are coming her way. God, please Bless this angel and her family. I appreciate your update on Jennifer just so sad what she is going through.

  • Arkanabar

    I’ve been praying for Jen and her family, and asked the intercession of St. Raymond Nonnatus (the saint her site generated for me this year).

    Max, I trust you’ve saved the text of the original piece. The subject bears discussion, and it’s one on which Jen has often posted. This may be a bad time, but I doubt it would be a bad discussion.

    [I have saved it, and I hope to restore it one of these days, after Jennifer's well again. In my view, there are times when it's fine to be detached and analytical, but this isn't one of them.]

  • Manny

    Oh my gosh, what happened to her? May God have mercy for this good woman.

    [I'm not sure. The technical details are beyond my reach. I think the Anchoress has posted something about it, though.]

  • Lin