Staff Sergeant Petry Wins Medal of Honor

A Medal of Honor is the closest thing to beatification the government can bestow. It requires a display of heroic virtue, and may reflect the performance of something close to a miracle. Yesterday, the White House announced that U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Leroy Petry has beome the latest serviceperson to make the honor roll. During [Read More...]

Marian Devotion for Uptight Anglos

A friend of mine, a woman from the deep South who belongs to something called a “Bible Church,” once said she wouldn’t dream of asking the intercession of the Blessed Mother. “You never know what a woman’s going to say about you behind your back,” she explained. In Confessions of A Failed Southern Lady, Florence [Read More...]

Here I Blog; I Can Do No Other

You won’t know about me without you have visited the blog of Ms. Elizabeth Scalia during the last week of April or the first two of May. Elizabeth was away from her terminal — initially in order to travel to Rome for the beatification of John Paul II, later to nurse herself back to health [Read More...]