Five Reasons I Despise Listicles

If Moses had brought a donkey or two up Mt. Horeb, God might have sent him down with a dozen tablets inscribed (on both sides) with the text of something titled A Treatise on the Nature of Good and Evil, and on the Covenant Between the God of Abraham and His Chosen People. Instead, the [Read More...]

In Praise and Defense of Catechists

They frown. They squint. They knit and raise their brows. They purse and chew on their lips. They glower. Students’ faces are the masks of cannibal priests but their eyes are the eyes of martyrs. Except cannibal priests don’t collapse face-down on a pillow of their own crossed arms in the last hour of the [Read More...]

Semipro Catholic, Live on Facebook

I loathe self-promoting – not because I’m modest, but because I wasted years of my life selling things. Depending on the year and the company I happened to be working for, my wares were debt reduction plans, adjustable-rate mortgages and online university degrees. I was a loser sustaining himself parasitically by pitching empty dreams of [Read More...]