9/11 and Bleacher Bum’s Envy

Several weeks after 9/11, my friend and I went skydiving for the first and only time in our lives. As it happened, the airstrip was about 30 miles southeast of Phoenix, on a brown, scrubby patch of desert within sight of some half-dozen gnarled buttes. Give or take 15,000 feet, it could have been Afghanistan [Read More...]

City of Veronicas

Of all the Church’s dubious pious traditions, my favorite is the story of the Veronica Veil. According to the Acts of Pilate, while Jesus was being goaded and driven to Calvary, under the weight of His Cross, a woman stepped forward and mopped His face with her veil. Miraculously, the face’s image was transferred to [Read More...]

Santo! Subito! Per Tutti?

During my zeal-filled neophyte year, I sometimes daydreamed about going off to some faraway land and being killed in odium fidei. Impressed with my bravery, the infidel leader would cry, “Shabash, Max Bahadur! Thou wearest the cross of a Frankish dog, but thou hast the heart of a ghazi!” before taking a Khyber knife to [Read More...]