Hallucinations and Controversies may be the undoing of Pakistan; not the Violence!

That the country has many people in power with vested and twisted interests is bad enough.. but when the educated people start thinking and believing in nonsensical scenarios that are make-believe – it becomes truly scary! This interview with a software engineer from Lahore – Hamid, Pakistan is one such example.

This guy believes in the following:

1. Islamic fighters are Mujaheedins and are now – used by the Pakistani agencies – killing its own people.
2. Who is helping the “Mujaheedins? India. And Mossad and CIA!
3. What are ISI and Pak Army upto? They want US Army to walk into the country and destroy it. In any case the Islamic minds have been destroyed within the Army and ISI by those in power.
4. Al Qaeda is a drama. There is no such thing as Al Qaeda.
5. Where is Pakistan headed? Towards a Civil War.

Do you see through the hysteria that is building up in Pakistan? For minds which have not seen a normal life – this may be a natural occurrence. But it is truly scary as such mass hysteria can lead ordinary people to take drastic and often nonsensical actions at the slightest of provocations – as happened during Partition.

In the end, it might not be an actual or real reason – but the fear of fear itself in the ordinary populace that creates the situation that takes a liveable society to a failed state in a matter of months and weeks! This region has seen such a scene earlier. It can happen again.

It is EXTREMELY important at this stage to work on perceptions as opposed to even real term measures for democracy! Someone with sense and a stable mind DEVOID of any hallucinating controversies needs to come at the helm. And THAT is where the trouble deepens in Pakistan!

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