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girl_walking_in_the_hazy_light.jpgMany months back, I began to write a story from male perspective when this thought came to me! It was an effort to reflect someone’s longing for the unattainable. As I read this again, I can’t help but wonder how human emotions can’t remain untouched from the “wanting something to hold on to” aspect . . . Even in the following lines, the speaker wants something tangible to hold on to . . . I suppose emotions are an amalgamation of mind and heart. Maybe our reactions are different due to the different ratios of mind and heart which goes in to our respective emotions . . . I am 73.9 % heart, 19.5 % mind, wait that does not add up!!!

आज पौन किलो धूप तोल कर लाया हूँ.
शाम ढले, अपनी छत्त पर रोज़ की तरह तेरी राह देखूंगा .
जब तू मेरी अँधेरी गली से गुज़रेगी, तो सोचता हूँ,
की थोड़ी से धूप तेरे ऊपर फेंकूंगा. . .
तू तो चली जायेगी,
तेरा साया संभाल लूँगा . . .

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