Drone Strikes in Pakistan have become more efficient every year

A lot of Pakistanis talk against drones and how they are a blot on their nation’s sovereignty.  Many say drones – and they are right – are one of the major cause of hatred in Pakistan towards US.  Well, drones may not be the cause, but an alibi to hang their hatred on.

And, as this graph – shared by friend Ali Chisti from Pakistan on his facebook profile – says, the drones have been eliminating more terrorists than innocent civilians.

Drone Attacks: Very efficient


So, some will surely ask – What is the basis to know who is a “Militant” versus an “Innocent civilian”?

Ali’s answer is: “TTP statements/ identification and endorsements from both CIA, ISI and even TTP/AQ.”

And it is not that the drone technology has improved manifold – it has though, but not as much – to bring about such a major success rate increase.  The coordination between Pakistan’s ISI (and other ground intelligence resources) and CIA has increase quite a bit leading to more precise targeting.

This is indeed good news for the US and Obama administration.


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