Chinese firm offering “Rent-a-Boyfriend” service to Single women during Chinese New Years

Chinese New Year is coming around soon.  And, it will be time for everyone to visit their family.  Specially for the many single women.  In a country where they have 180 mn singles, that will be a lot of men and women.

The country may have developed, but the mindsets still remain very traditional.  The families and the parents inquire if their daughters have found someone to marry?  When they will marry etc.  To counteract those questions, a firm has come up with an interesting solution.  Rent-a-Boyfriend!

As for the “Rented Boyfriends”, the deal is really sweet:

“I offer such a service only because I’m bored and know fewer female friends at work,” Ding Hui, 27, a salesman in the plastic industry in Shanghai, told official China Daily. He leased himself twice last year during Spring Festival and National Day. His customers were two 28-year-old women.

He charged 3,000 yuan each ($ 500) and the customer had to cover his round-trip tickets, accommodations and bought him clothes to make him look smart. More than 260 rent-a-boyfriend services can be found on, with the number climbing, the Daily said. (link)

They have gotten a large number of Sugar Mamas out there willing to fund their trips and shopping and living during the New Year’s time.  What one doesn’t understand is how can you pretend and show off someone who is not your real companion as your own.  Isn’t there any pressure for marriage?  Well, these ladies will soon find out.



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