Afghan Student at UC-Irvine meets his look-alike who is Half-German/Half African-American (Pic)

For an entire year, an Afghan student at University of California at Irvine in Engineering, was hassled because people were mistaking him for another guy.  He finally met the guy and posted their picture online on Reddit.  The post has already gotten close to 1500 comments and over 2500 likes in just 9 hours.

This student is Afghan, while his look-alike is “Half German / Half African-American”.  Yet, they look so much alike.  First of all, it is tough to find someone who looks so much like you half the world across your home.  And, to top that, someone who has a completely different ethnic, racial and geographical background.  Shows probably that we are far more similar than we bother to believe.


Featured Image Credit: Flickr/Pink Sherbet

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