Drishtikone moves to Patheos Platform

Welcome to Drishtikone.com’s new home!

It has been sometime since I posted my last blog post on Drishtikone.  After 7 and some years of blogging on independent platform here at Drishtikone, we have now moved the blog to Patheos.com – the largest Religious and Politics blog portal.

This move is significant because of the following things:

  • Drishtikone will find a new set of audiences being on Patheos.com
  • Patheos doesn’t have many Indians and Hindus blogging on issues relevant and important to them, so it is a privilege to represent the two perspectives
  • The regular audience of Drishtikone can expect the same quality and level of blog posts as before while interacting on a much broader scale.

As you come now to Drishtikone.com or any of the other sub stories and pages, you will be directed to the new URL for Drishtikone on Patheos.

I trust you will keep coming to this blog as you have been for many years.

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