About Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is an author, religious scholar and teacher of mystical traditions. As Founding Director of the Institute of Sacred Activism, Andrew has spent the past two decades supporting global peace and sustainability. A lifelong scholar/translator of Rumi, author of more than thirty books on Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, he has devoted his recent work to envisioning inspired solutions for the world’s current crisis. You can learn more about Andrew on his website: www.andrewharvey.net

From Bhiwani To Silicon Valley – Part 2

After a mild visa hustle, I finally leave for USA tomorrow on an Airbus. This post is a feeble attempt to pen down all the complex things happening in my life and my brain since I decided to go to US.During those months when mom was trying to pack for me all things 'I' - from a pressure cooker to packets of Indian spices (some whose names I hadn't heard) to a special Ayurvedic hair oil which I can't expect to find in US (funnily though I haven't used hair oil even in India), I was trying hard … [Read more...]

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 सुर्ख नशीली धुंध में आहटें समेट लेते थे अब चमकीली धूप में राहें कम पढ़ जाएँमन भागे तो चार दिशाएं कम पढ़ जाएँ कोई डूबे तो सात सत्ताहें कम पढ़ जाएँआसमान ज़मीन पर उतर आये, हाथ बढाये तो उसकी बेपनाह पनाहें कम पढ़ जाएँकुछ वक़्त से आगे, थोडा समय से पीछे भागें तो पैरों के छाले कम पढ़ जाएँकितने ख़याल हैं, जैसे किसी पिंजरे में कैद सलाखें तोडें तो सांसें कम पढ़ जायें … [Read more...]

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Faiz's Aaj Baazaar Mein – Translated and Explained

By Toronto based Poet, Anis ZuberiCourtesy, Junaid ZuberiAnother translation of Faiz rendered by a Toronto based poet – Anis Zuberi. This is a timeless poem or nazm, aaj bazaar main pa ba jolan chalo has been translated and explained below.Aaj bazaar main pa ba jolan chaloaaj bazaar main pa bajolan chalo let us walk in bazaar in shacklesChashm-e-nam, jaan-e-shoreeda kafi nahin wet eyes and restless soul is not enoughTohmat-e-ishq-posheeda kafi nahin being charged for nurturing c … [Read more...]

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The Odd One Out – A liberal’s life in an orthodox society!

By Guest Blogger, MeeraImagine a girl who heads to the pooja room every day right after bath to pray; one who wouldn’t dare to go to her orthodox cousin’s place wearing a sleeveless top or without bangles; one who would follow all customs and traditions (aachara as they call it here) to the last point even though that meant extreme discomfort to her; one who would not daresay comment anything when people bash Indians who settle abroad; one who would always nod to comments like ‘Indian culture i … [Read more...]

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From Bhiwani to Silicon Valley – Part 1

By Guest Blogger, Nikhil GargRs. 44,600 - this is how much it would cost me to chase The Great American Dream! Yes, today I finally booked my Cathay Pacific economy class tickets for the date of September 25th. I'd have a good week to myself before I start my job on October 1st. Here is how it all began . . .Placements take place at IIT Delhi during December every year. Hundreds of top companies, who have screened candidates well in advance, visit the campus in December to interview the … [Read more...]

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क्यूंकि यहाँ चोट नहीं लगती

पैरों तले ज़मीन खिसक गयी, और पाँव आसमान पर जड़ गए, पर आदत से मजबूर, रोज़ गिरती हूँ, मगर चोट नहीं लगती!कोई छोटा सा बादल संभाल लेता है, नज़रें उठाती हूँ तो ज़मीन सर के ऊपर, एक आध पत्थर गिरती है, मगर चोट नहीं लगाती!यहाँ तारे साज़-ओ-सामान हैं, और चांदनी मेहमान है, पर तेरे दर का पता ढूँढती हूँ, क्योंकि यहाँ पर चोट नहीं लगाती... … [Read more...]

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 Aapki window aur meri khidki ke darmiyan, Us chotey sey faasle mein hi, Kuch boondein baadlon sey phisal ayeiin, Pehle to light si pittar-patter thi, Ab ghata ganghor hai,From your windows, To my panes, Yeh kaisa shor hai?Tum saath ho to dil karta hai phir bachchey ban jayen, Mummy ki purani magazines churayein, Kagaz ki rang-birangi naao banayein, Der tak tairaaein aur door tak use jata dekhte rahein Kiski aage nikal gayi aur kaun doob gaya . . . Iska hisaab bhool jaayein! … [Read more...]

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Aise hi!

Many months back, I began to write a story from male perspective when this thought came to me! It was an effort to reflect someone's longing for the unattainable. As I read this again, I can't help but wonder how human emotions can't remain untouched from the "wanting something to hold on to" aspect . . . Even in the following lines, the speaker wants something tangible to hold on to . . . I suppose emotions are an amalgamation of mind and heart. Maybe our reactions are different due to the … [Read more...]

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