About Carol Kirk

Carol is a retired nurse and Vietnam veteran who served as an Army Nurse from 1966-1986 including 18 months in a combat hospital in Vietnam.

Carol has been a practicing Wiccan since 1980. She trained in the Oak, Ash, and Thorn Tradition of Wicca beginning in 1990, and received her Third Degree from OATh at Samhain 1996. She founded her own coven of Tangled Moon at Yule 1996 and ran it until it closed its doors at Midsummer 2008.She now serves as High Priestess of the Oak, Ash, and Thorn Tradition with a total of two daughter covens and one training circle.

In 2013, Carol received her Third Degree initiation into the Gardnerian Tradition of Wicca.

Carol has earned a Master's of Divinity Degree in Pagan Pastoral Counseling from Cherry Hill Seminary. Her final thesis was on the subject of purification rituals as a way of lowering the risk of suicide in combat veterans suffering from Moral Injury.

One day a week, Carol works as a volunteer chaplain at her local hospital. Having developed an interest in furthering the public understanding of Wicca through interfaith work, she is a member of both One Huntsville and the Diversity Dinner program in her community.

Call on hold

Thank you for you patience but all our girls are busy! Juliet? she is not there moreover, you cannot be choosyYou are a valued customer, shortly someone will be with you they are handling others now will talk to you once throughOne guiding the ignorant... one seducing a prospect! one listening to an intellect... while one flirts with an idiotYour call is important so please be on line... one should be free any moment and you will find her fine...Thank you for your patience please … [Read more...]

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Writing Poetry

Take a wide brimmed glass, holding it in style pour some twisted thoughts, and shake it for a while..A spoon full of words, ripe and carefully selected- mix them with a stirrer, till both gets connected..Add a few drops of diction, with pulse and expression, mix it well with finesse, and top it with elocution..Now feel up next quarter, with deeply felt emotions, be cautious about the meter! the accent and modulations. .Mix it well once more, while sprinkling some spice- and a helping of … [Read more...]

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You bring out the Bengali in me!

This is for all the the Bengalis - actually I came across a poem by Sandra Cisnero - " You bring out the Mexican in me" which prompted me to write this lines over a small shot of Mojito :) Some of the parts are in bengali. I have seen other variations also like You bring out the UP walli and another one The Maritan in me - and all of them are cool! Enjoy...You bring out the bengali in me You bring out the poet in me The musical mother tongue The playing with words in me The scholar in me, The … [Read more...]

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i don't promise to give up anything just for the sake of you i don't promise to leave my drink my mojito - unattended! my smoke and my books, my chat, my mails and all the spams unread just for the sake of you i don't promise to give up the way I throw things here and there... i don't promise to cook the way you like it I don't promise to write the way it makes you cry or dance i don't promise to let go arrogance or my pride and vanity and my snobbishness take me as i am... else you leave me no … [Read more...]

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Be prepared to welcome 400 million refugees by 2015

Displacing farmers out of their farmland is the neo-liberal economic growth model - prescribed by World-Bank so that India can throw away its agrarian economy and embrace the new world order.The govt already have established its control over water, forests, seeds, agriculture markets - and now it wants to take away the small piece of security which the farmers have - his land. I don't see SEZ , contract farming as anything else other than a move to displace farmers... Things like contract … [Read more...]

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Poetry you go

Poetry u go go – get me a mojito with crushed ice mint leaves and a sliced chili and a glass a fresh glass no lipstick marks on the rim I know its dark its late…everyone left except you and me go – get me a mojito use your lines to stir it up and then go outside go – get me a girl who speaks less smiles a lot no implants get me natural butts and boobs et all.. not the ones winking at street-side or on the walk check the windows with lights use your lines once more the soft lines don't dare to t … [Read more...]

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Status Update

You live in my inbox now, a few lines - mostly meaningless unless you place a table a cappuccino and a face resting on two closed fist bright blue eyes - nested between streaks of auburn locks otherwise - just meaningless! and the green bangle which, you forgot the last evening which, i sometimes play with and sometimes hold close to my eyes maybe with a desire to see beyond or maybe focus on the music i played across your ribs before the sun rose and before the birds sang... i saw you … [Read more...]

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Our senses, tagging and a possible explanation of dreams

Senses dont have memories unless we tag them !Imagine some happening in your childhood - say, a school on fire at night with one window falling off after a while. As you age a lot of things gets stored into your memory. So if someone mention you the word "fire" it gives lot many recall, added to that the word "night" also gives quite a few. Now if the word "school" is mentioned or even maybe the word "falling window" then 90% or more chance that you will recall this event in your childhood. In … [Read more...]

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