Dhobi Ghat – The Intersections of Lives

Watching Dhobi Ghat, the movie, was like eating a gol-gappa or pani-puri or pani-patasha, whatever it is called in the different States of our country! You chew the crunchy crust.... relish on the soft and subtle boiled potato pieces laden nicely with some sweet and sour chutney.... no break in between (!). But just as the spicy masala water of gol gappa hits a little later, the same way the movie... its impact hits you, at least it hit me slightly later.I have to say that, although there was … [Read more...]

What Is Your Definition Of A Good Girl?

I am somewhat irked... somewhat curious... somewhat baffled when I ask this question from you, dear reader. Especially if you are a man, then you are my target today! I want to ask the men readers and co-bloggers around that what is their definition of a "good girl"? And you know what I mean when I say this!This term suddenly was hurled upon me, as a question, by a friend of mine while we were watching the move "No one Killed Jessica". First about the lady (I prefer, girl!), she is my age and … [Read more...]

Rape – Do You Feel Hot About It?

It is said that the way the women of a particular region, or country, are kept and treated tells a lot about the men of that place. Take your mind off to all those places of our country or the world where atrocities on women are common and then think about their men. This is true everywhere. Although, in the same breath, I would add that we cannot make any sweeping generalizations about these gender roles or functions in a society. But, in a broad way, the education, the health state and … [Read more...]

Symbolic Festivities – Do they make you think?

We celebrate so many festivals throughout the year. some don't make sense to me, and some... well make me ponder. But this festival makes me feel sad. It's Dussehra.I have written extensively on Raavan and why I feel we could not understand him or probably we chose not to understand him. You can read my views on Raavan, Ram and Sita in my posts (in my blog) "Defending Raavana" and "Raavana Is In My Soul". Here is a glimpse:"OK, alright, yes he abducted another man's wife but did not … [Read more...]

Pleez ajjust- We are Like That Only!!

Sometimes seeing the way Delhi is getting better, although not uniformly everywhere, I wonder have we, the citizens of Delhi learnt to live with this change? when I see the advancement made in public transport system, shopping malls and entertainment etc and then I see the still missing civic sense in the people around me, I wonder, do we even deserve this modern infrastructure?Again, no generalization, but yes on a whole, I feel pathetic when the educated class also behaves like some … [Read more...]

Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow – A Remembrance

26/11 is remembered by all Indians for it was day we sat with a dropped jaw in front of our TV, watching helplessly what was happening in our country, in Mumbai. The future was uncertain, and the terror was not coming to an end, we did not know what was coming up, as we had to sleep that night, or rather two consecutive nights wondering how safe are we? How safe we think we are in the close vicinity of our house?It was a strange feeling on 27th evening when I returned from office, listening … [Read more...]

Why Is It So Difficult To Deal With Women?

Are you a woman, and have you ever thought like this? Why is it so difficult to deal with women? Have you ever experienced this? Have you ever felt that in personal relationships too being friends with boys, while in school or college or work place, was less complicated than girls?I think, that on professional front, surely, it is a lot more easier to deal and communicate with men than with women. You can be to the point with them, they don't mind if don't get into a polite talk before … [Read more...]

Karva Chauth – A Modern View On The Ancient Ritual

As I sit facing my PC, my henaed fingers are striking on the key board making my pink coloured glass bangles jingle sweetly. My pink chiffon saree with floral embroidery, slides off my left arm, as I loosen the strap of my high heeled sandals to concentrate on this post of mine. It is Karva Chauth, the festival hugely glamorised and popularized by Bollywood. So I am in my traditional best, sharing the customs and rituals associated with it.I don't hesitate to say that I am, well ehmm (!!), a … [Read more...]