Do we want an adventure?

Bilbo Baggins almost passed on adventure. Who could blame him? Gandalf was excellent at fireworks, but very secretive about this plan. The dwarves showed up for an entirely unexpected party and the only thing certain about the quest was that the odds were against success. The dragon Smaug was able to point out more than [Read More...]

Is the PCUSA still Christian?

Given the recent decision to bless vice, the status of the Presbyterian Church USA is difficult. Is it Christian? The PCUSA has removed itself from the line of historic Christian churches and we can only pray for her recovery. Talking to the Presbyterian Church USA will now be interfaith, not ecumenical dialog, yet discussion must [Read More...]

Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia: Well Done Young Men

Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia saw a girl being abducted by a stranger. Boggs says he did what “anybody else would do,” but I think he is being generous to the rest of us. Temar Boggs is not just a hero, but a modest young man. When they saw evil, Garcia and Boggs chased after [Read More...]

Finding Truth: A Review and Some Comments

Nancy Pearcey* makes the complicated so clear a reader can forget how insightful she has been. Don’t be deceived: her new book Finding Truth is an intellectual powerhouse. You might not notice because it is also readable. Intellectual poseurs will be disappointed, but the rest of us rejoice. Pearcey is not arguing for Christianity to pagans in [Read More...]

Dear Nate: Sinners Happy to Sin Welcome to Dinner, Not Welcome to Communion

Dear Nate, Both of us agree sin is bad. For Christians this is not, perhaps, the most remarkable of agreements or insights. We also agree that there is a difference between a sinner who is sorry he sins and one who thinks his sin is awesome or justified. We come as we are to become [Read More...]