Liberal Arts Education Needs Brave Defenders

Civilization is hard to build and easy to lose. Without courage and conviction, much we now take for granted, peace, relative liberty, and civility will be lost. One mark of the health of a civilization is the value it gives the liberal arts. At every level of education from kindergarten to college, we need the [Read More...]

These Holy-Days: Brave Enough for Love

This Thanksgiving, this Advent, this Christmas let’s be brave enough for love. Forget mere sappiness: the martyrs in Syria love without a trace of false sentiment. The great cathedrals were built with a love tough enough to sweat and sacrifice over generations to create beauty. Love requires courage. Love can work stone, shape rock, and raise [Read More...]

Holiday Advice: Dealing with Your Crazy Evangelical Uncle

Evidently giving advice about how to handle the stress of what the Victorians called “social intercourse” with those who do not agree is a thing now. Despite a sneaking suspicion that the number of people actually worried about awkward conversations at dinner is roughly equal to the number of Evangelicals worried about the Starbuck’ red cup [Read More...]

Great Leaders: Thankful for the Virtues of Seven Women

We need leaders. Talent we can find, but good leaders have talent with character. I have been blessed to be surrounded at all points in my career and education with leaders, listing seven men was difficult enough, but choosing seven women was nearly impossible. Having a mother and a wife who lead made this list [Read More...]

Great Leaders: Thankful for the Virtues of Seven Men

Leadership is easy to describe as an ideal, but the leader who can say with Saint Paul, “Follow my example” is rare.  Easy enough to list the failures, but better to be thankful for those who, like Paul, are an example of virtuous leadership that pointed me to Jesus. In another place, I list seven women leaders. Here [Read More...]