The Thin Blue Line and Death in America

Too many African-American young people are arrested in the United States. Too many African-American young people are harassed by police in the United States. Too many African-American young people are shot by police in the United States. That is the context, though not an excuse, for the rioting that is shaking the United States of [Read More...]

Moderation and Meekness: Just What We Need

Christians need leaders who are moderate and meek. Saying that sounds like advocacy for impotence,  but Moses, the meekest man who ever lived, was no wimp. Moderation is a virtue and it ought to go without saying that it is good to be good. Extremism in defense of liberty is tyranny with good rhetoric, moderation [Read More...]

Beware Becoming the Music Man: Reflections on a Weekend Reading Ion

We don’t have to be told that there is trouble in the United States: we have to educate our young adults. We know there is trouble, terrible, terrible trouble. But there is also good in the decay: You cannot sell HBU students, but you can educate them. You cannot con them for long, but you [Read More...]

The Best Of Times

Nobody needs me to list reasons for worry. I am worried about the state of the Union, the direction of the global economy, and the rise of Christian persecution. All true, all requiring prayer, and none of it going away. And yet Jesus is Lord. Think of it: history is moving in His direction, not [Read More...]

Three Simple Truths about Education

This week will mark the 31st year of teaching and here are three simple truths: 1. trust the dialectic. I am asking a new question for Homer this year: “Why must Thersites be beaten?” I must trust the question and the students and see what happens. This years opening question is starts with a small [Read More...]