As Good As You: Redemption is Possible… Even for Me.

I have not lived as good a life as Hope. Generally, with far less going for her, she has made better choices and so she has fewer regrets than I do. One way to deal with this truth is to deny it. My sins were more obvious, but after all, Hope has . . . [Read More...]

What about the “least” of us? On the janitor. . .

My dad and mom did a lot right, but one of the best things they did is not the sort of thing that gets much attention. They both spent as much time with the “least important” or difficult members of the congregation as they did with the elders or the big donors. I am not [Read More...]

What Jane Didn’t Tell Rochester

Jane Eyre is a manual for Christian romance and anybody in love should read it. The lessons in it are many, but here is an unexpected one: the lover tells the beloved what he needs to hear and not always what he wishes to hear. Jane and Rochester initially are separated by God and Jane’s obedience [Read More...]

Lesson in Loving Well: Never, Ever Be St John Rivers

If you wish to be in love properly and have not read Jane Eyre, stop now. Read the book. If you are still reading, then you know that the worst moment in the book is when St John Rivers proposes to Jane Eyre. This proposal comes from a man who is called to a hard ministry in [Read More...]

Losing and then Winning: Marcellinus

Failure on a big stage is failure indeed just as triumph is true worldly triumph in fact. The rest of us watch and wonder, sometimes hastily opining, judging, forgiving, celebrating, doing something where we are called to do nothing, but acknowledge the failure or the victory. Yet all of us will fail, fall short of [Read More...]