A Whole Soul: The Goal of Education (Part IV)

What should I want for those I love? I want them to be happy, of course, but not at the cost of their soul. If hurting other people makes them happy, then I would prefer those I love be less happy, but better human beings. That is obvious, plain enough that I sometimes forget it [Read More...]

A Thoughtful Soul: Part of Being Whole (Part III)

I think, therefore I am. So runs the one of the few philosophical quotations almost everyone knows.┬áIt does not follow that a person who thinks badly has less “being” than a person who thinks well, but experience shows that most beings that think badly end badly. “If we think, therefore we are,” and we think, [Read More...]

A Spirited Soul: Part of Being Whole (Part II)

This weekend HBU won its first football game: ever. Some schools sell t-shirts that say: “Our School Undefeated in Football since Date of Founding” and HBU once could sell such shirts, but can no longer. We were smacked down hard by the defending champs of our conference in our first game, but came back to [Read More...]

An Erotic Soul: Part of Being Whole (Part I)

Nobody is a Vulcan, not even Vulcans, if Star Trek canon is to be believed: intelligent beings in bodies have passions and suppressing them in unhealthy. Sadly, so is acting on them thoughtlessly. Sometimes we forget we have passions, sometimes we are controlled by them: a trick to a good life is accept the passions [Read More...]

On Vocation and Money

Dear Glaucon*, Thank you for questions about vocation. No good person wants to live for money, but all people need to take care of their needs. Curmudgeons of every generation, and I have reached curmudgeon age, tend to believe the fantasy that the “kids” today want it easy. Since every generation since my time has [Read More...]