The Most Qualified By Far: On Clinton and Qualifications

Read about Clinton and her run for the White House and phrases like “most qualified” come up often. I have read that she is “the most qualified person to run for President.” Recently, I read a story where a women noted that her over-qualification for the Presidency is a sign of how good women have [Read More...]

Mercy on His Soul – Judgment on His Body

Americans fantasize that we live in an nonjudgmental age or at the very least we (almost) universally judge the judgmental as  lacking in social justice. The reality is that our judgment has grown uncertain in areas where we should be sure and sure in places where it should be uncertain. We are confused about whether [Read More...]

The Most Common Graduation Lie

Some graduation somewhere always features some speaker who tells the graduates that they are a special generation. This tactic is so effective that Pepsi has spent generations using flattery to break Coke’s hold on the market: “you are the generation that will do it.” This has yet to work out for Pepsi, but graduation speakers [Read More...]

A Lie They Will Tell You At Commencement

I have been to more than my share of graduations . . . both as a graduate (four times) and as an officiant. There is a nefarious lie that is repeated at many commencements that many of us go on believing for the rest of our lives: commencement is not an ending but a beginning. [Read More...]

Caesar Isn’t Even That Important

Thank God none of my children is likely to become President of the United States. Instead, they are focused  on English literature, teaching, filmmaking, and creating businesses: the important jobs. If Jane were to decide to give up filmmaking and run for the White House, I would be disappointed, but support her. It is a [Read More...]