Joy on the Other Side

Dante understood that some of us are not saints like Beatrice or Lucy. We must go the long way to God and not the short path for simple, pure souls. I have not journeyed through Hell, but some parts of my life have felt like Purgatory and so I can testify to this truth. Christianity [Read More...]

Tokenism, Moral Colonialism, and Gay Marriage

Tokenism is one of the great intellectual plagues of our time, infecting right and left, Christians and non-Christians. Tokenism is making a big deal out of a small example. Tokenism is toxic when a company thinks hiring one person of color solves their “diversity problem.” Tokenism is also debilitating when one pretends that one’s little [Read More...]

Real Education is Liberating and Will Thrive

Higher education faces imminent peril, but most schools are avoiding solutions the way a vampire avoids sunlight. The heart of the problem is the cost and the key to cost has been the explosion in administrators, but asking those very administers to solve the problem invites them (as they think) to hire more administrators to [Read More...]

Waking Up in a Dark Wood

I woke up after doom had come and I had nobody to blame for it but myself. My parents were excellent, my church winsome, and my education better than I deserved, but I wanted more. The best part of me wanted Jesus and a relationship with Him. Maybe. Or it could easily have been that [Read More...]

Pray for all sinners

What is sin? At the very least, sin is anything that breaks or mars the goodness of God’s world. Let us take a very simple plant: tobacco. It is good and God made it good. There is no sin in it and there must be hundreds of uses of the stuff that would cause no [Read More...]