Speed of Discussion

Speed kills cultures. At the speed of mules, Medieval people learned to discuss, debate, and decide. A certain amount of thoughfulness was possible in the lag time of copying a scroll. Burn a few copies of an intemperate letter and it was gone. At the speed of printing presses, Christians discussed with Medieval rules and [Read More...]

Rowling’s Error

She did it, she made it great, but it was a mistake and that mistake will limit her later. The pity is that Rowling did well, but her partner failed her.  J.K. Rowling had the theme park world at her feet a decade and she chose Universal Florida to build two sections of their parks [Read More...]

Aaron Rodger’s Right. . . and Wrong: How God Cares about the Packer Loss

My Super Bowl party was set. Fourth quarter and my Packers (hey, I am an owner) were in control, especially after yet another Seahawks interception. Cheese-head firmly on head, I said to Hope, also a Packer fanatic: “We have this. I mean: a touchdown, an onside kick, a touchdown? Rodgers has this.” Wrong: instead of [Read More...]

Mentoring: How Small Schools Can Be Better than Big Ones

Faculty matter. Other issues matter, but nothing counts more than faculty if we are discussing the quality of education at small schools. How can a small Bible college, liberal arts college, or university compete? The big players can match any innovation we try, but in a recent lecture, I suggested that small schools have an advantage [Read More...]

Getting It Helps Cure It: Vanauken and “A Severe Mercy”

Sin is all around and if it doesn’t make the world go round it does make the world go bad. If you are not a Christian, you might be confused about the idea of “sin” and that would mean missing a good bit of reality. Sin is real and dealing with it matters. At least [Read More...]