Time for Jeb! to Go

Jeb Bush is a decent man, a conservative man, and the wrong man. Mr. Bush is taking up money, attention, and time that should go to a candidate who is a better fit for the times and the party. The Bush family has served the Republican Party in many roles and will keep doing so [Read More...]

On Avoiding Death Traps

Isn’t it time we did something about a major killer of Americans? If you filled up a football stadium with one hundred thousand people, about ten can expect to die from this all American killer. This does not count the corollary deaths due to the use of this product. Government subsidizes our use of the [Read More...]

Sex isn’t Necessary for Happiness

Anybody who has single friends, older friends, or friends who have taken a vow of chastity knows this truth: sex is not necessary for human happiness. This is so obvious to anyone who looks around at his friends and family that a man might think it doesn’t need to be said. He would be wrong. [Read More...]

Thank God

“Isn’t God narcissistic? If I don’t praise Him, I go to Hell.” This is a profanity free summary of a discussion I had with an atheist. I get what he was saying and my Sunday School kid self had the same worry. That is when the holidays came to my rescue. Thanksgiving is one of [Read More...]

God help us, but we must say, “Yes!”

If a gunman invades my workplace and asks the Christians to stand, then I hope I would stand. I am not so arrogant to know what I would do, but God helping me, I would have to stand. I don’t wish to die yet, but there are some things worse than death. Better dead than [Read More...]