Hoping Atheists (Or at Least Anti-Theists) Do Not Kill Us This Time

Atheistic regimes killed millions in the last century. Nobody denies this fact, though some deny atheism had much to do with the murder. Religious people kill in the name of religion, so surely this is just an example of bad men, totalitarians, doing bad things who happened to be atheists? Yet there is decent reason [Read More...]

Love Demands Authenticity

Inauthenticity is the unpardonable sin of American college culture. Do as you will as long as you will it (and it doesn’t hurt someone. . . whatever that means). And yet there is something to be said for the “accidentally inauthentic” at least for the moment. We do not know ourselves, none of us, so [Read More...]

Saintly Science

How often do you get to hear from an inventive surgeon, a compassionate pastor, and a saint on religion and science? Yet there existed a man, Luke, who was both a distinguished physician and a doctor of souls. He lived well into the twentieth-century to see the horrors done by men who became atheists and [Read More...]

Smother Love or Mother Love

“I will love you no matter what” is a great Christian truth. God will love us “no matter what” even if our actions and choices force God to damn us to Hell. God does not desire the eternal misery of anybody, certainly not for making justifiable errors in belief, but He is no stalker. God [Read More...]


War analogies can go too far. However great the rivalry between the righteous Packers and the minions of Halas called the Bears, it is not the equivalent of war. Nothing is. We are in a real battle, but the battle is not against flesh and blood. No human is so depraved he justifies a Christian’s [Read More...]