In which I thank Bronte and Montgomery for My Love Life

Romance? I love romance. When I am not careful, I am in love with the mere idea of being in love.  The woman I love, however, the Fairest Flower in Christendom, is stuck with my inability to articulate what I think. When she walks into a room, there are many things I should say, but I [Read More...]

Get Real Prophets

Only the open narcissist admits that he will not listen to criticism.. Interview anyone for a job and ask. Some will go as far as to claim they welcome criticism. Hire them and you discover they may welcome criticism, but mostly as a way to find their enemies. Most of us have decided that the people who [Read More...]

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Reading the news can be discouraging if you care about reality. You do not need me to tell you the West is falling into moral decadence at an increasing rate. The rich will survive this plunge and even enjoy it in the early stages. Things will not fall apart, immediately, but the libertine values promoted [Read More...]

Pentecostal Power

I have seen miracles and experienced a few of my own. I have also known people who would cry “miracle” when none occurred and others who would not admit a miracle even when rigorous tests were applied. My purpose is not to argue with either the overly credulous or the overly skeptical, but point to [Read More...]

Five Signs A Christian Celebrity Isn’t

A bad feature of celebrity culture is the tendency of smaller groups to develop celebrities that aren’t. Despite being (at least) one quarter of the American population, Evangelical behavior is banned in popular media. Nobody prays over a meal on television unless they are getting ready to bomb an aquarium in order to kill a [Read More...]