Do Not Give the Four Spiritual Laws to an Idea!

Nobody was ever damned simply by hearing an idea. This kind of magical thinking is forbidden to Christians or we would have to rip parts of the Bible out (Judges) that describe ideas that caused wicked actions. Being wrong and acting on it matters. . . being wrong? That can be jolly if one uses [Read More...]

Don’t Just Trust Theists: Five Characteristics of Regimes That Will Go Bad

History shows that there has never been an atheist# regime that was not horrific. There have been and are dominantly theistic regimes that are good places to live relative to the times. This is a pragmatic reason to worry about atheist# regimes. Such worry, and the fact that theism has been successful in creating decent [Read More...]

Anti-Theists are Sure They Will Not Kill You This Time

Anti-theists are sending Christians to labor camps in China and killing us in North Korea, but there is good news: Anti-theists# in the United States are positive they will not kill Christians if they ever get power and I believe them. There is no evidence that American anti-theists will ever develop a mass movement of anti-theists capable [Read More...]

Decision 2016: State of the Presidential Race

This will be the most important Presidential race of your lifetime. Since we have all been told this during every Presidential race: how can this be true? It is true for the same reason that “we live in perilous times” is always true. Any republic is in danger every time there is a transition in [Read More...]

He Saw Hitler: Find God’s Man in Odd Places and Listen

Human history would be different if humans learned to find the people that know what God is doing and listened to those people. When you hear complaints about God failing to intervene in history remind yourself that He did speak, but our stupidity (masked as snobbery) kept us from hearing the truth. We tuned in [Read More...]