Lazarus Is Alive, Let’s Kill Him! (Bad Easter Part IV)

Occasionally I meet someone who hates Christianity who also wants to see a miracle and usually has a particular miracle in mind. If I do this particular party trick, then they would believe! Reason is not enough. Revelation is not enough. They demand a greater sign than creation and personhood. I am thankful that God has not given [Read More...]

Irritated with Ferguson and Nazareth (Bad Easter Part III)

Prejudice is not new to humans, no sin is. Our racial prejudice in America is a pseudo-scientific spin on the human sin in hating and exploiting someone different than the favored group. For most of history, this prejudice has happened on religious, ethnic, or social grounds. Social status can be marked in many ways and [Read More...]

Grifters in the Temple (Bad Easter Part II)

Christianity attracts grifters like a church picnic in Houston attracts mosquitos. Like mosquitos, the church grifters go where food is to be found and their lifeblood is money and power. The grifter, Harold Hill in the Music Man is an example, makes his living through sideshow fraud. He also has a big dream and a [Read More...]

Irritated by Palm Sunday (Bad Easter Part I)

Easter celebrates the conquest of death by Life.* This is the day we remember that God became man so man could become like God. This is the greatest party and a foreshadowing of the party to come. But I am a philosopher by nature and we are cynical souls and so begins a series on [Read More...]

Review of “Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory”: Nobody Expects Jerry Walls

Jerry Walls is always doing or saying something unexpected. In some, this is a mere eccentricity, but in Walls it is the fecundity of a restless first-rate intellect. He is so reasonable, but not in a grinding way, in a passionate way. Jerry Walls loves to think and so he leaps into an argument and then argues carefully. [Read More...]