Poor Shaming

We should help the poor and not shame them. Put succinctly: sinners should be ashamed, the poor are not sinners by being poor. Traditional Christians have a noble history helping the poor and American evangelical Christians have embraced that heritage. Whether measured by charitable giving or work in rural or inner city areas, Christians are [Read More...]

Pope Francis Conservative

Pope Francis is a Christian, but he is also a conservative. These truths are so obvious that the fact that they must be said says much about the degenerate nature of both American Christianity and American conservatism. To be a Christian means that Caesar can never be Lord. Our first loyalty is always to King [Read More...]

This Schism Was Cancelled

What if you gave a schism and before anybody of global importance had noticed, the very heterodox you hoped to turn schismatic hated the idea? A schism was canceled due to hurt feelings and fears of using the “wrong word.” Apparently the need to affirm “other stories” and worries of sounding judgmental or harsh were [Read More...]

What if you had a schism and (almost) nobody important noticed?

Evidently fellow Patheos blogger, Tony Jones, has gone into schism with my church. This presents certain ecclesiastical conundrums as technically Mr. Jones may have already been in schism with my church. If a man is a double schismatic, is he actually a schismatic? (If Mr. Jones is not not Orthodox, then is he Orthodox?) But [Read More...]

Party Better! (On More, or Better, Parties)

Some Holiday parties will lack holiness. Other Holiday parties will be selfish and wasteful. In reaction, we will get the usual Christian worries about lack of holiness, selfishness, and waste, but those are the problems, not partying. We are a religion that predicts that history will end in a party and we are commanded by [Read More...]