Hope: Ten Things To Hope

The President is in trouble. How do we know? International news organizations, disposed to like the President, are beginning to worry about him. And yet what American would wish for another failed President? By a failed presidency, I do not mean policy or decisions. I never voted for this President and I oppose his agenda, [Read More...]

Primary Mark Sanford

If you love Mark Sanford, primary him. Mark Sanford is unfit to serve in Congress and it is shame that the voters of South Carolina were faced with such dismal choices in the last election: a vacuous leftist versus a verminous righty. Of course, Republican primary voters brought it on themselves by not voting in [Read More...]

Jesus: On Pascha

Forty-two years ago, almost exactly, I went to my Dad and asked to be introduced to you. I was a boy, but I knew the difference between my thoughts and your Voice. Your voice in my heart cannot be confused with my own, because that sweet voice is nobler, purer, more charitable than any thought [Read More...]

“Think for yourself!” And other bad ideas.

Al Geier, the closest person to Socrates I know, was leading class at HBU a few weekends ago and someone (it could have been me) said, “We need to think for ourselves and encourage others to do the same.” He looked at someone (it could have been me) and said, “No. We need to think [Read More...]

The Bell of Saint Linda

My daughters are particularly insightful. When they met met the person who runs the Provost’s office at HBU, they knew that they had met a most excellent person and began to refer to her as Saint Linda. Really, since she is very much alive, she should be called Saint-In-the-Making Linda, but their message to me [Read More...]