Stuck in Montgomery: a Tale of Joy

There is the problem of evil, but counterbalancing the petty evils are the unexpected joys of life. Sherlock Holmes saw hope for Providence in the flowers, I found it today in the Montgomery Airport If you do not know Montgomery, Alabama,  and Faulkner University, you should. Faulkner University is a soul sister to HBU in [Read More...]

End This Privilege!

Plane rides always let me listen to fascinating conversations: when you have no choice it isn’t evesdropping. Sitting behind an English graduate student and listening to her explain university life to a business guy my age was enjoyable. Each discipline has thinking, jargon, and assumptions that make it hard for outsiders to understand. I do [Read More...]

Hallelujah! This is Not A Christmas Post

I have seen the future and it is good. I can be jolly even though this is not Christmas. In fact, it is about as not Christmas as it can be. The Holiday is far enough in the past that we have ceased to think about it, but not close at all. In fact, thinking [Read More...]

Dear Ann Spambot: So So Sad to Get Your Spam

Every so often I get the following type of email in my box: Hello Dear, My name is miss Ann Daniel I saw your Email profile today I will like to know more about you. Please if you would not mind kindly get back to me so that we can know each other better, I [Read More...]

Nationwiding: A New Term

Nationwiding: The act of depressing a joyous event with anxious moralism.  The entire nation experienced “nationwiding” during the 2015 Super Bowl when Nationwide Insurance spent a great deal of money running an advertisement to make sure nobody anywhere was simply having a good time. Leave aside the worry that an insurance company is the wrong [Read More...]