“Think for yourself!” And other bad ideas.

Al Geier, the closest person to Socrates I know, was leading class at HBU a few weekends ago and someone (it could have been me) said, “We need to think for ourselves and encourage others to do the same.” He looked at someone (it could have been me) and said, “No. We need to think [Read More...]

The Bell of Saint Linda

My daughters are particularly insightful. When they met met the person who runs the Provost’s office at HBU, they knew that they had met a most excellent person and began to refer to her as Saint Linda. Really, since she is very much alive, she should be called Saint-In-the-Making Linda, but their message to me [Read More...]

“Cheer Up!” And Other Obnoxious Advice

Tenth grade was bad enough without adding forced cheerfulness. She arrived when I was in tenth grade and was very, very smart, virtuous, and lovely. I sent her a note, because that was what I did in tenth grade when overwhelmed by holiness or hormones. She turned me down for some very good reasons: I [Read More...]

Adam, Where are you?

One advantage of aging is knowing good music that the trendy have forgotten, while the joy of this age is the iTunes store and Spotify preserving it for you. His name was Don Francisco and his music is a folk without a touch of over instrumentation, autotune, or irony. His voice is clean, if imperfect, [Read More...]

In Which I Live Blog a Marathon Weekend Reading of Plato’s Republic

What would happen if a group of HBU students, faculty, and staff joined together to read Plato’s Republic? What will we see? What will we learn? Our host is not Cephalus, but Professor Al Geier of the University of Rochester: a master of the dialectic and a father in the logos. We began with ten [Read More...]