Why I am not a Nihilist: First Thoughts

I want the truth even if the truth hurts. Oedipus was told by the prophet that he could not handle the truth, but asked for it in any case. He could not handle it and ended up blinding himself. And yet the truth was the truth and Oedipus was right to learn it. Being a Christian [Read More...]

He is Risen Anyway (Bad Easter becomes Good Easter)

We are all bad before Easter. We do what we wish we did not do. We allow greed, lust for power, and hate to consume and kill our souls. We all should have a bad Easter, but nobody need end that way. We all can have a good Easter because this Pascha feast is for [Read More...]

Worrying about the Dead Guy (Bad Easter Part VII)

Jesus was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The guarantee of his death was the brutality of the Romans, the Sanhedrin, the Sadducees, and the chief leaders. Pilate did it: and Pilate was good at crucifixion, something he often chose to put his hand to.  Jesus was dead and his [Read More...]

Selling Jesus for Money (Bad Easter Part VI)

Judas did the great evil for a petty payoff. Every filmmaker and every novelist try to make Judas Iscariot more complicated than he appears in the Gospel. This student of Jesus traveled with the greatest man of history and sold him out for thirty pieces of silver. That is not very much money for your [Read More...]

I am not worthy! (Bad Easter V)

There is great pride in false humility and one way to have a bad Easter is to reject what Jesus wishes to do for you. It isn’t that Jesus will smite you, but that you will have harmed yourself by choosing to cut yourself off from joy, mercy, and healing. If you wish to be [Read More...]