Loving Orcs: It’s Fantasy Not Reality

I remember seeing three black books with a red eye stamped on them in the Rochester Christian School library, checking them out, and riding home on the bus knowing that this was going to be a lost weekend. By Monday, my seventh grade life was changed forever as I was now far more interested in [Read More...]

Another Red Letter Day at the Bailey Building and Loan

Someday they will make a movie about a lad who dared to dream he would placekick for the Green Bay Packers only to fail. If so, I am ready for the part. Actually, I hope they never make this movie as such films are almost always unrelievedly bleak and failure is bleak, but not universally [Read More...]

Not Angry: At Least Not For Long

Two types of equally sickening media appear before me daily: sugary sweet happy videos (often containing cats) and highly inflamed rants. Often the rant is just an ad in disguise. Contrary to ads everywhere in my browsing, President Eisenhower was not murdered in any common sense of the word “murder.” Sappiness sells and this makes [Read More...]

This Intense Passion

There are desires so intense that they can overwhelm us: this can be a great pleasure or a great danger. Art can stir great passion in us . . . even poor art. One reason to educate ourselves in the arts is to avoid being manipulated by bad artists, learning to outgrow their tricks, and [Read More...]

The Apple and the Tree: Generational Failure in Traditional Christianity

When finding out why there is an apple on the ground, it is generally best to look for an apple tree and not Isaac Newton. Sometimes the great scientist is around, but generally all you need for an apple on the ground is a tree. The apple does not fall far from the tree. And [Read More...]