What Walt Taught Me: Fun and Fancy Free

 “If you have seen one old Disney package movie,” complained a member of my house, “you have seen them all.” This is not true, but lackluster present advertising makes it look that way. If we compare the animation, writing, and innovation in these package films to movies like Minions or Kung Fu Panda, then it is [Read More...]

In Which I Live Blog the Debate

    Bottom line: Bush is rusty. Rubio is inspiriting. Huckabee is a great debater. Kasich is a serious candidate. Rubio is very, very charismatic and must be Clinton’s nightmare. Christie and Paul demolished themselves. Trump is Trump. Carson is a swell guy that I hope becomes my friend. Walker was not memorable.   ——— [Read More...]

What Walt Taught Me: Make Mine Music

World War II changed everything, but what if you just missed the War? What if for the rest of your life older brothers or dads fought and you simply  grew up in the peaceful world they made? Just as the generation that came of age in 1866 must been thankful to have missed the Civil [Read More...]

What Walt Taught Me: Three Caballeros

Three Caballeros is an experimental movie, a licit drug trip disguised as an animated movie. Walt did not control his studio in World War II, the government did, but Walt refused to surrender creativity. This is another “package” movie… a series of cartoons thinly linked together as birthday presents to Donald Duck. If you think your great-grandfather lived [Read More...]

What Walt Taught Me: Saludos Amigos

Walt had a bad War, not of course as bad as Cousin Paul (D-Day, Bulge, German POW), but creatively hard. Walt was too old to fight having done his bit in the Red Cross in World War I, but his studio was signed up by the government to make propaganda. His Education for Death remains [Read More...]