Mentoring: How Small Schools Can Be Better than Big Ones

Faculty matter. Other issues matter, but nothing counts more than faculty if we are discussing the quality of education at small schools. How can a small Bible college, liberal arts college, or university compete? The big players can match any innovation we try, but in a recent lecture, I suggested that small schools have an advantage [Read More...]

Getting It Helps Cure It: Vanauken and “A Severe Mercy”

Sin is all around and if it doesn’t make the world go round it does make the world go bad. If you are not a Christian, you might be confused about the idea of “sin” and that would mean missing a good bit of reality. Sin is real and dealing with it matters. At least [Read More...]

Getting the Big Thing Right: MLK on His Day

There is no sense pretending Rev. Dr. King and I would have agreed on everything because we would not have done so (as if the great man should care about my agreement!), but we would have agreed on one thing: the need for racial justice in the United States. It is important to acknowledge this [Read More...]

In Which I Try to Be Prudent, But May Fail

Hunter Baker is a good man, a thoughtful man, a Christian, and is convinced that my young earth creationist views are wrong, but he does not stop there. He also thinks them wrong headed. They certainly have kept me from jobs and he is right when he says that being publicly young earth costs me [Read More...]

The Thin Blue Line and Death in America

Too many African-American young people are arrested in the United States. Too many African-American young people are harassed by police in the United States. Too many African-American young people are shot by police in the United States. That is the context, though not an excuse, for the rioting that is shaking the United States of [Read More...]