Help me, Spock!

Only Kirk is left. Saturday nights I would endure the end of Lawrence Welk to see Star Trek. No internet summaries of episodes existed. No fan fiction was available. I bought photo-novels and recorded episodes on a tape recorder for the times when Star Trek was off the air . . . which oft occurred, though Lawrence Welk endured [Read More...]

It Can End Well

If you were Henry, everything started splendidly and ended badly. He was born King of England and much of France. He died in the Tower of London murdered by his successor. He outlived his son, went mad, and manifestly was unfit for the job of ruling Medieval England. He would have been an ideal constitutional [Read More...]

On Hating IS and Loving People

I hate IS (the Islamic State): a true perversion of Islam, monotheism, and humanity. I hate everything for which IS stands: terror, rapine, and violence. I hate it with a holy hatred because God hates IS. I love and pray for mercy toward the people who are part of IS because the eternal God loves [Read More...]

The Case for Grace (Review of a Book by Lee Strobel)

The Case for Grace is the best book Lee Strobel has written and that is praising it without damning anything else he has written. Strobel is a journalist and the argument he makes in The Case for Grace is better suited to his talents than any of his other (excellent) books. Strobel is telling readers of the transformative [Read More...]

Facing Up to Christian History: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Christians have made a great deal of history. If you name Christ, we have to claim you since God alone knows the status of your soul and so we are responsible for you. Tomorrow I will review a book on the transformative power of God’s grace The Case for Grace by my colleague Lee Strobel. Today [Read More...]