Fear Itself: Three Things to Do

Fear destroys love and love is the only motive for any Christian action. Don’t be confused. Love is not weak, but demands justice for the beloved. Love has mercy, but mercy is not incompatible with a just war. We can do justice without rejoicing in the necessary death of any human being. The attacks on [Read More...]

Global Sorrow and Daily Life

On dark days, the sun still rises. In the darkest night, the moon still shines in a sky of stars. On a day of national sorrow, somebody will be born and her parents will be glad. Some family must have lost a parent on VE Day and so national joy happened with local sorrow. The [Read More...]

To Our Oldest Ally: God save France!

The United States owes her existence to the Kingdom of France. Today is a good day to remember this fact and stand in solidarity with the present Republic of France. French philosophy, religion, and culture have enriched the United States of America. Millions of us go to visit France to see the roots of much that is good [Read More...]

Cleanup the University: Starting with Us

At dear old State U, you might find a Christian engineering professor, carefully quiet, and more than one Christian coach on the playing fields, but you will be hard pressed to find the views of the world’s two billion Christians elsewhere. Much of undergraduate education, at even our best schools, is not worth the money [Read More...]

A School for Humans, not Snowflakes

There are three things for which I hope I would die: God, country, and family, but there are three basic ideas that no free woman or man should betray if they work in education. Maybe I would not die for these ideas, but I would never work for a school that betrayed those ideals because such [Read More...]