Nepotism and the Rise of Unmarried Clergy

In dealing with the “blood moon” debacle, I noticed how often one generation in a church passes on the power to the next generation of family. A visit to many a mega-church website reveals a disturbing phenomena: God seems to call a startling number of children of clergy to take over the “family church” or [Read More...]

What if you are wrong? (On the Second Coming and Theological Mistakes)

Long ago a Reynolds thought that Jesus would probably come in 1843*. He was wrong, but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that this Biblical reasoning was sounder than the “blood moon” thinking we just experienced. Since I doubt anybody aspires to be the least wrong in the class of all the Wrong [Read More...]

Two Johns: Hagee and Steinbeck

America is good at producing original personalities and at least two of them are named John: Hagee and Steinbeck. Steinbeck would have loved writing about Hagee. I don’t know if Hagee would enjoy Of Mice and Men.  John Hagee is nobody’s idea of a careful theologian, but he is a well known, and in some circles, [Read More...]

On Blood Moon Prophets and Memory

There will be an interesting astronomical phenomena tonight and some Christians have gone quite mad. They have sold product and riled up the Church claiming that the “blood moon” is the start of “big things.” Some have gone as far as to say that the apocalypse is coming. I believe in the possibility of prophecy. [Read More...]

The Blood Moon: Jesus is Coming Soon

I will see Jesus soon. He (almost) certainly will return for me in the next sixty years. This is because I will be dead. If human, we live in constant knowledge that the end is coming. I will not see Super Bowl CX even if the Packers are in it. There will be more glorious [Read More...]