Standing with the Curve of History

Today I rejoice that I stand with the long curve of history and the majority of public opinion. Jesus is Lord and remains Lord today. History often detours and His providence is inscrutable in the short term, but justice with mercy, holiness with salvation, always prevails. I am more concerned about the great states of [Read More...]

Can you be moral without God?

God might be helpful in living a moral life by telling you when you are making moral mistakes for example, but is He necessary? [Read more...]

The State of the Presidential Race

The race for President is almost fully formed. Kasich might run, at least as a favorite son candidate, and Biden might still grip and grin his way into confronting Clinton, but most of the serious players are already in the race. Trump is also running. Clinton is blessed to confront the non-electable, the indigestible, and [Read More...]

Money is Made: Running for President and Making Christian Movies

Why do hopeless candidates run for President? For some, it is obviously ego. Ever since they became Parks and Recreation director in Schenectady, they have heard “Hail to the Chief” in their minds. Others have discerned a unique business opportunity: if you can convince even a tiny niche of a party that you will be [Read More...]

Thought Bubbles and Ideas: More Philosophy from Inside Out

Pixar is the most consistent film company in the United States. The company has mostly made excellent movies, has a few mediocre titles, (Cars series shout out), and no bad films. Inside Out is as good as the best of Pixar and that means it is funny, well written, and thoughtful. Like all great films, Inside Out has images so [Read More...]