Smother Love or Mother Love

“I will love you no matter what” is a great Christian truth. God will love us “no matter what” even if our actions and choices force God to damn us to Hell. God does not desire the eternal misery of anybody, certainly not for making justifiable errors in belief, but He is no stalker. God [Read More...]


War analogies can go too far. However great the rivalry between the righteous Packers and the minions of Halas called the Bears, it is not the equivalent of war. Nothing is. We are in a real battle, but the battle is not against flesh and blood. No human is so depraved he justifies a Christian’s [Read More...]

Gloriously Joyful Today!

This is the day that the LORD has made;let us rejoice and be glad in it. We sang this as a bouncy chorus once too often when I was a little boy and only recently have I been able to experience this truth again. This is not an injunction to ignore injustice, to pretend there are no [Read More...]

After Surviving Titanic: What should you do?

  Avoid working for the White Star Line and signing up for the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic. If despite your best efforts, you end up on your own equivalent to Titanic, act sensibly. Income Tax Day in the United States is also the day when the survivors of the Titanic were picked up and [Read More...]

Four Things to Do if You Wake Up on RMS Titanic

If despite your best efforts you wake up one morning to discover you are on RMS Titanic (or your real life equivalent), then what do you do? Of course, if  you wake up on the actual Titanic, go back to sleep and try waking up again. Good people look at the world, try to choose [Read More...]